What we do.

Doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways

We are really excited to see many start-ups coming around, but upset to see most of them failing to continue after initial buzz.

Organic marketing channels viz, SEO, social media, blog being low cost with high returns are the ideal tools for marketing and can be a savior for such start-ups and small businesses.

We did wonder, why this potential was not exploited before, but the gaps in current offerings in the market, their pricing & positioning (99% of them target enterprise or agencies) have resulted in under utilization of this channel.

Realizing that technology & infrastructure requirements are creating a major hurdle in breaking pricing barrier and complexity of SEO being a hindrance in wider adoption, we decided bridge those gaps by offering on-demand software which can make SEO easy, affordable and measurable.

  • Wow pricing, which any small business, start-ups & even individuals can afford,
  • Coverage of all important SEO factors coupled with comparative analysis
  • and timely notifications are some of the key benefits

which differentiates us vis-a-vis our competitors. We intend to make SEO as a pro-active & an on-going effort for businesses via usage of SearchEnabler and thats how SEO implementations has to be.

“Making SEO Easy, Affordable and Measurable”

Catering to wider market (start-ups, smb’s as well as individuals), SearchEnabler seeks to empower user’s to take control of their business online presence.

It regularly analyzes various data points collected across heterogeneous sources, to provide timely alerts and recommendation, ensuring maximum RoI of user’s time.

QuickoLabs SearchEnabler is one of the first entrant in this domain from Asia, it is also among the first worldwide to bring enterprise class search engine optimization solutions to a wider market.

Enable online presence

Social Networks, Search Engines, Bookmarks, Blogs have changed the way people make their online purchases. Nowadays before making any decision, people probe into search engines for information, verify online reviews and check recommendations on social networks.

It’s now imperative for businesses to engage online users and make themselves reachable by search enabling their web presence.

New age marketing

Traditional marketing of reaching customers using cold calls, direct mail, TV advertising results in low rate of conversions as people have learned to avoid and block them. Many a times traditional marketing fails as most of the calls reach non target audience.

Using new age organic marketing methods like increasing search engine ranking, blogging, social media interaction, ensures reach to target audience, higher conversions and drastic reduction in acquisition cost.