Keyword Rank Tracking with Trends and Reports

Check performance of your keywords, analyze trends and get status in your inbox.

Search Engine Selection

Global and Local Search Engines

Check keyword rankings in global search engines, as well as Google (regional) depending on your choice.
More than 50 regional Google search engines are available for configuration.

Keyword Performance

Keywords Performance and Trends

View individual keywords and the percentage of total keywords which are driving traffic to your website.

Integrate Google analytics to map traffic with keywords, so that you can know which keywords are performing and which are not.

Track keyword performance trends of your website with visually appealing graphs. Keep a tab on number of keywords driving traffic and pages receiving traffic.

Search Engine Selection

Monitor with Mail Reports

Even if you don’t login in frequently or when on a vacation, get weekly reports of keyword ranking movements in your email inbox. Summary gives you a quick glance for, and your favorite country specific search engine.

Webpage Keyword Identification

Analyze and Optimize Pages

SearchEnabler identifies and lists pages receiving traffic for every keyword. You can use SearchEnabler on-page analyzer on listed webpages to fix SEO gaps and boost keyword rankings.

Next SEO Dashboard

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Keyword rank tracking
Rank tracking with traffic and trends

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