Competitor and Backlink Analysis

Get to know in-depth information of competitor backlinks and identify potential backlink sources

SEO analysis for competitor backlinks

Competitive backlink intelligence

Analyze and compare yours and competitor’s website backlinks across different dimensions to refine your link building strategy.

external follow links

SearchEnabler provides extensive details on competitor’s page links, anchor text analysis, follow and no-follow link spread for your and competitor’s websites. Get to know key domains pointing to your competitors’ websites which are extending their reach and reputation across web.

Anchor text SEO analysis

Increase your keyword portfolio

SearchEnabler provides extensive details on competitor anchor text distribution and linking pages to spot keyword opportunities for your website.

Linking Root Domains

Discover the next referral source

Analyze which domains and web-pages are spreading competitor’s word.

SearchEnabler provides in-depth competitor backlink analysis with root domain, anchor text and backlink distribution to aid in shortlisting right partners to spread the word about your business.

Identify missing link juice

Avoid loosing your hard work

It takes significant effort to build external follow backlinks, but as the website grows, old web-pages may get deleted, replaced or moved to new URLs, which creates invalid incoming backlinks.

SearchEnabler identifies invalid pages referred by external backlinks and helps you fix them which results in improved page-rank and increased referral traffic.

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Competitor Link Analysis

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