SEO for small businesses

SearchEnabler is an online software which makes SEO easy, affordable and measurable for start-ups, small businesses and marketers.

Organic search marketing vs paid search marketing

Organic search marketing

SEO drives 70% of natural search traffic to websites and commands only 15% of a search marketing budget.
Paid search, on the other hand accounts for only 20% of a website’s search traffic but results in a major search marketing expenditure of 85%.

Now, SEO for small businesses is possible with SearchEnabler. SearchEnabler makes SEO easy, affordable and measurable for businesses to effectively utilize the potential of SEO in improving their online reach.

SearchEnabler provides complete visibility from campaign planning to execution with a closed loop to measure success without compromising affordability.

Long lasting benefits of organic search marketing effort

Long lasting results

Organic search marketing using SEO techniques produce long lasting results at the lowest cost, compared to other marketing mediums.

Within a few months of implementing SEO, major increase in high quality targeted traffic can be achieved by businesses.

SearchEnabler SEO software conducts regular SEO audits, performs traffic analysis, provides on-page and off-page optimization recommendations to strengthen your website’s SEO implementation.

Online Search engine optimization software technology

SearchEnabler technology

SearchEnabler is built over an elastic architecture to provide on-demand / online search engine optimization software with multi Tera-bytes data analysis capability. Learn more – SearchEnabler SEO technology

SearchEnabler team has a built in-house data center to achieve the goal of making SEO affordable for small businesses without compromising on product capability.

Get started with online SEO software

No overheads of painful integration and setups

Get started with your organic search marketing campaign in 2 minutes by providing inputs like website and competitor URLs. No complex integrations or configurations required.
After your initial configuration, SearchEnabler takes over and collates data from diverse sources; aggregates and trends it to provide you with an in-depth SEO analysis. It also provides recommendations to improve your search visibility, following which, you will always have a definite edge over your competitors.

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