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Building links with Twitter

Okay, now that you’ve had multiple servings of Backlink articles to your fill, we have a small and resourceful Twitter checklist for you. By now, you know how to use social media for acquiring backlinks. And that you need to earn them and not just throw them back and forth around the Web. You are also aware of the Google crawler that will wrap your website in its thin sticky silk and gobble it up if you threaten its “Web”.

We already covered the Tips to create a “Twitterific” profile and the Power of hashtags, Tweets and @mentions, but there remains yet another dimension of Twitter in the world of SEO: Earning Quality Backlinks with Twitter. Here is a complete guide to build a good backlink structure through Twitter, and you’ll be thanking Dick Costolo.

1. Dig out your influencers and your influencer’s Followers

(and your competitor’s Followers ;) )

Feed your business keyword/blog-related keyword on Twitter search, and find out the Top People who can have an influence over the outcome of your own blog.

For example, I conducted a ‘People’ search on “poems” to find out the influencers for my personal blog and this came up.

people search on twitter to earn backlinks

You can also Discover different categories of the Twitter population; pick out your influencers from: #Discover > Browse Categories (Or @Connect > Who to Follow Box – Browse Categories).

browse by interests to identify influencers

Follow them (but not stalk them) and look out for people who are Following your influencers. Here, you’ll wonder: How will I reach out to these people?

Tag your influencer in the next post you make. Like I might Tweet about my next poem and add ‘@PoemsAPlenty’ in the Tweet. Comment on their next Tweet. This way you can also interact with other Followers (like the fact that you all disagree with a certain Tweet), thereby creating relationship with them, from where you can start Following them, and maybe they start Following you in turn! A to Qs that your influencer might put up. What better way to show your influencer and his Followers that you know your shit niche!

2. Sites that Will Link Back to You (Via Twitter)

I recently came upon an interesting article that referred to sites that use your Twitter information and link back to you. These have a hundred thousands of unique visitors per month, who can become future prospects of link earning!

Kristi Hines sets up this beautiful list of 15 Sites That Will Help You Use Your Twitter Profile for Link Building.

Some of these allow you to directly sign in with your Twitter account, so it’s an easy-peasy list of To-Dos, even though it’s a little long. Considering the backlinks you’ll be rewarded with, this should be a cakewalk.

3. Find out all Your Contacts and Voila! You’ll have more Followers :)

Keep your friends in the circle, as they add to the volume of your Followers. When people see a number of people Following you, they’re sure to be intrigued.

You can find your existing contacts on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL who have a Twitter account. Even those who do not have a Twitter account will be displayed for you to invite. And for some of those friends who do not make one of these accounts even after the zillion times you’ve insisted them to, you can invite them via their preferred e-mail id.

Inviting users via Twitter for spreading word

4. Relationships are #1 Priority: Build Them

Again, we’ll encourage you to go ahead and get involved with people! Your influencers, Followers, and just about any person in your industry you can reach out to. Use Twitter to make and maintain these relationships.

We’ll take you to Rand Fishkin directly to give you an attractive look on building relationships with Twitter.

5. Explore Hot Topics (Trends)

“Working in a salon, you look at trends all day long. You’re looking at color all the time, what new products are coming out. You’re a part of the fashion industry, especially if you’re working in a higher-end salon.”
-Christian Siriano

Most people Follow some kind of Trend. Be it fashion, fandom, business, or politics; Following Trends makes people feel involved in those industries, as Christian Siriano so aptly puts it.

Use your Twitter account to find out the current Hot topics. So, suppose you have a new MP3 Player launching, and a trending hashtag is on the iPod Touch, for e.g., you could Tweet about your launch with a mention how your MP3 Player beats iPod Touch and include the #iPodTouch. Thus, you will reach out to a better and larger audience!

Here’s how you can find the Hot Topics. You can find the Trends section on the left side of your Homepage. These are tailored just for you, based on your location, interests, et al.

identifying influencers based on interests

You can also change them according to what you want to find out by clicking on that ‘Change’ link.

6. Conduct Contests!

Conducting contests is the best way to find out if people like you/your services, and also to reach out to more people.

For e.g. you write an article about Tips for using your newly launched MP3 Player. Tweet about a contest for anyone who would want to Guest Post it. Set up a small prize for the winner, other than your precious article of course. The prize could be another Hot Trending gadget, something that will actually attract people to your post.

Make people feel involved and loved in your industry.

7. Discover Guest Blogging with Twitter

You can search posts about “guest blogging” on your Twitter search and find out sites that want guest posts. Here’s one I found out searching guest posts for SEO:

Guest blogging leads via Twitter

Thereby, you can contact them, Follow them, write for them, Tweet about the post tagging them and eventually reach out to their audience as well as your own. This way you make the most of your Twitter for your own business SEO.

8. Keep Doing all 6 of the above!

Remember that you need to maintain an SEO journal and check off best SEO tips from your To-(SEO)-Do List that work for you on a daily or weekly basis. Don’t stop doing them unless you want your traffic to go down again.

Yes, you must have thought using Twitter for marketing’s going to be “POPCORN TIME”! It isn’t so much fun though, is it? Wait till you see the results, THEN you will definitely call for champagne.

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