Twitter SEO Tips

Twitter SEO Tips

Twitter has become a great source and a better way for finding information. Many people prefer twitter over long beloved RSS clients including me. Even search engine giants Google and Bing know this trend among the readers and include Tweets in search results. The result is, Twitter affects SEO too. So how do you effectively use Twitter to increase your SEO? Although search engines do not clearly state how they rank tweets but following twitter seo tips should help you.

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Deciding on Twitter handle

First think and determine what you want from your Twitter profile. Decide whether you want to promote your product/service or the brand itself. You may want to engage with customers or build new connections. So it would be helpful to measure in what factor is Twitter helping you if it does.

Tips to create a twitterrific (solid) Twitter profile

Brand Twitter profile tips
Individual Twitter Profile Tips
  1. Choose your Twitter account name intelligently which reflects either your brand name or name of your blog/website. You can first identify keywords which are most frequently searched for choosing your profile name.
  2. Good twitter Bio information can state many things about your brand so fill in appropriate and effective information which clearly reflects your brand, service or product promotion. Twitter offers 160 characters for Bio information so use it sensibly.
  3. Set a profile picture or portrait which shows that it is not a spam account.
  4. Verify your Twitter account and know more about the verification process here which will help people know the authenticity of your account.
  5. Spread the word about your Twitter profile on your blog and other social media.
  6. Follow people who are in a way related to your domain. Try to increase your followers who are really interested in what you offer rather than paid followers. The ratio of following to followers should be healthy.

Now you have transformed your account in a respectable manner, now let’s move on to the tweets.

Realise the power of #HashTags, RTweets and @Mentions

Brand Twitter profile tips

Tweets are primarily text-based posts of up to 140 characters which have much more to it rather than plain text. You can include shortened links or URLs with the help URL shorteners like, and URL shortening is understandably done to cope up with maximum character count limit in tweets.

Hashtags are tagged words in tweets which begin with # such as #jobs, #seo, #discount which appear in twitter and even search engine results. They are identical to keywords in SEO which provide metadata for your tweets, so they should be carefully chosen. Many sites including Twitter list the top trending topics with the help of hashtags.

Retweets are the tweets shared by people because either they like it or they think that they could be helpful for their friends and followers. They are also sometimes written as RT in twitter language. More the Retweets, better are your chances of listing up the order in search results.

Brand Twitter profile tips

Mentions are public replies in reference to the tweets. They start with @ followed by the username of the user you want to reply such as @quickolabs in the tweet. Mentions can mean that you could reply to your followers and it helps to know that your account is not spam.

Tweets SEO Tips

  • Tweet regularly but don’t post in bulk which could annoy followers. An interval of 2 hours between tweets throughout the day is good.
  • Use #hashtags regularly and carefully.
  • Use the first word in your tweet because they are used by search engines to rank your tweets too.
  • Retweet others’ tweets within the same domain which could randomly bring back people to your tweet and ultimately your blog or website.
  • Tweet within 120 characters so that your followers can easily retweet them using RT @YourHandle in the remaining 20 characters.
  • Provide the shortened links which redirects users to a page which has all the information which you tweet about.
  • Include twitter buttons in pages of your website using which tweeple can spread your word.
  • Try posting same tweets with alternative keywords and hashtags as you are not perfectly sure which ones could bring you traffic.

In the era of social media where relationships matter more than links, Twitter will help you optimize your search engine visibility and create a bigger of quality followers. Detail read on earning quality backlinks using twitter

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