The Art of Guest Posting

How to do guest posting

On your way to the Jurassic park, you might have come across the Trent-a-sourus. No? Let’s not talk in dinosaur language.

On your way to building backlinks for your website, you might have come across guest posting. My point is, guest posting is a brilliant way to get yourself some trent-a-sourus (syn. great) backlinks!

And just like any –saurous, guest posting is not a child’s play. You cannot go up to the Tyrannosaurus Rex of your niche (say, a famous technical website) and ask them to post your article just because. You need to be consistent with your guest posts, and not just share their glory for the one night. Here’s how to go about your guest posting campaign!

Building backlinks via Guest posting is one of the 7 ways of collecting quality backlinks

Dos of guest posting

Do –

While pitching your guest post idea in front of T-Rex:

  1. Show genuine interest in their website and about guest posting to them!
  2. Ask their opinion on the topic you chose or let them choose for you.
  3. Show your previous work by including a link, or a sample as an attachment.
  4. Follow up since the T-Rex is busy writing its own, and sorting out through the zillion guest post pitches they get every day! You need to remind them of your own in a week or two, but be patient and respectful of their time and energy.
  5. Be Respectful of their decision to reject your article(s). It’s their own site; they’ll only accept what they want.
  6. Thank them for acceptance. That’s brilliant if they do!
  7. Send them WordPress-ready articles. Make their work easier. You can add pictures too if you want and send them as a zipped file, but most websites will offer to put pictures on their own.
  8. Be consistent with your articles. Like I said, no one night stands.
  9. Original content which will actually help your readers.
  10. I have heard that nothing gives an Author so great Pleasure, as to find his Works respectfully quoted by other learned Authors. ~Benjamin Franklin
  11. Your Research! Put up your collected data in pies, bars, charts, photos, quotes. This makes the article all the more useful.
  12. Posts as big as the T-Rex himself! An article with less than 500 words is generally going to be rejected, unless it’s some viral news.
  13. Spend time to edit and re-edit your article, and polish it.
  14. Research the T-Rex website you’re pitching to. You may get to know their opinion on what you’re writing, and henceforth, go on with your write-up keeping in mind their flow of thought! – Better chances of getting in the -saurous circle!

Don’t –

Don'ts of guest posting
  1. Make e-mail templates for every website you want to pitch! Personalize for each one of them according to their apparent thoughts and actions.
  2. Make grammatical or spelling errors. This is the least you can do.
  3. Flatter. Yes, you need to show genuine interest in their website. No, you don’t have to flatter them.
  4. Use fake profile/bio. You’re definitely going to get rejected. Try your Google+ page. Better yet if you have Google Authorship! People read only trusted authors.
  5. Write guest post before you pitch the T-Rex. Maybe they have some topic in mind for guest posts on their website, and they don’t want any article related to your choice of topic.
  6. Limit yourself to posts in your domain. Find some other hot topics for the guest post! Broaden your horizons.
  7. Put your own opinion unless you’re a Matt Cutts. (But then again, why would Matt Cutts need to guest post.)

Advantages of Guest Posting

  • Builds relationships

  • Benefits of Guest Posting

    Out of all three advantages, I put this the foremost because building relationships is the top-most priority. You build this, everything else just follows: backlinks, fans, traffic, authority. This is where your karmic cycle begins.

    How guest posting builds relationships?
    Simple. You get a completely new audience. The T-Rex followers. They comment, ask questions on your guest post, you reply, answer them – relationships! Some will even start following you if they like your posts.

    Plus, you get so much exposure to every community linked with the T-rex site.

  • You get a backlink

  • Building backlinks via Guest Posting

    Guest posting rule # 1: You need to ask them (politely) to give you at the very least 1 link to your website. Another one for your contact info would be perfect. I would never guest post again for someone who gave me only 1 link back (or a dull Author Bio). Yes, I had such an experience. (Now don’t point out that I just told you NOT to speak your own opinion. Remember, that’s just for a guest-post! This is my Home space. I will write my own opinion because that’s what you’re here for! I’m already an authority figure here.)

    You have to make sure yourself that you get a backlink. Include links in your guest post itself (remember Making it easier for them).

    Building authority with Guest Posting

  • Builds your authority

  • Your karma has already begun, and this is all part of it. Bathe in the glory that you’ve earned by simply being a part of a trent-a-saurus company!

    And since someone like a T-Rex accepted your post, audience will definitely pay attention.

Should you accept guest posts for your own website?

Accepting Guest Post for blogs

Well, maybe you’re not that big as a T-rex, but Yeah! Why shouldn’t you, when you have all these advantages:

  • Helps you cope up with posts

  • Maybe you’re off for holidays and simply cannot write! Remember you need to keep posts coming on your own site too for traffic to keep flowing in. So how do you cope up with it?

    Ans.: Accept Guest posts!!!

  • Gives you new knowledge

  • You will gain some of your own karma from the guest poster’s authority over his subject matter. If you didn’t know that already, NOW you know.

  • Shoots up your Perceived Authority

  • Firstly, your audience is new to the subject matter you introduced to them with a guest-post, and that you now know too. Your domain has been broadened. Added star to your perceived authority.

    Secondly, even though you’re not huge right now, accepting guest posts is a first sign of becoming big. That’s exactly how your followers will perceive too.

Although, you must keep in mind a few things before going ahead with this idea.

  • Dilutes YOUR Message

  • The one message you’ve always kept in all your posts since the beginning of time, will be slowly faded away with new guest posts. Guest bloggers do not know what you have always wanted to convey, nor will they follow it. Everyone’s got their own opinion and even though they cannot say it in their post, they can definitely show it.

  • Redirects your audience to their website

  • You’ll have to give them a backlink or two which will redirect your followers to their site. This is not going to help you monetize in any way.

  • Requires more editorial effort

  • Firstly, you have to set your guest posting terms. And you have to stick by them with every small or big dino who pitches to you.double star for guest posts

    Then you have to work on creating a ‘guest author’ page! -Adding their gravatars, bio, etc. And then, not every article you receive is error-free so you edit it, punctuate it, make it look good, add necessary pictures. So make sure you have that much time.three star for guest posts

    We have a few tips though:

    - Don’t be afraid to reject if you don’t like someone’s post.

    - Reach out to authors for guest posts if you need help coping up with your writing efforts

    - Ask them to link back to you too. Since it’s in the same niche, a reciprocal link is awesome!

You don’t have to be a T-rex in your niche to do guest posts or accept them. By doing guest posts though, you will become huge eventually. So go ahead and bask in guest post sunshine. What have you learned from your guest-posting campaign?

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