Squish Out Some “Link” Juice: Part I

Introduction to Link Juice

You got that right, there’s a thing called the “link juice” going viral around the web since… forever. You need to know this, if you don’t know yet. The essential juicy worth that one website transfers to another. Worth for the search engines, basically. How much could you transfer some of your juice to other websites? How to not let any of your juice go to waste?

How to get maximum link juice

Link Juice, in a Nutshell !

What we’re looking at here is a website’s worth – worth, to rank on search engines. You can use the terms PageRank, MozRank, or Alexa rank to get an idea of what it is. But it’s only a start. Imagine squishing your website in a juice-maker. What comes out is this:

  • All your backlinks
  • Your fine content
  • Your authority as a known-since-forever author
  • Your social influence
  • (And most importantly) the community you’ve created for yourself.

So supposedly, you measure your PageRank on a scale of 0-50; 50 being the idealistic juice level. Keeping in mind all the above factors you score 40. Your link juice would be this tall:

Link juice pagerank flow

Juice Flow:

When you get a link from some website, you get some of their juice transferred to your glass! There’s a PageRank formula that takes care of not letting slip the whole juicy goodness.

Pagerank formula

Si Fishkin’s PageRank Formula article

Juicy? There are two sides of the coin. Reciprocally, when you link out to some other website, you lose some of your own juice to the linked website.
Suppose, your link juice quantity comes out to be X, then only a function of X quantity is transferable while linking out.

Can We Stop the Flow?

Definitely. That’s why “nofollow” was created! You can link out to any number of websites you wish to, and just so that you do not lose all your juice, you can nofollow some of them.

Nofollow links let your readers see your community (wherever you link to), but search engine algorithms will skip these links during your worth measurement.

Linking out to people is good. It helps build trust in your readers to see you’re part of a community rather than an individual know-it-all. Sometimes linking out can be detrimental to your juice though, and that is the only time where you should use a nofollow.

Where to NOT Stop the Flow?

You can “nofollow” does not mean you should. Not all outbound links from your site affect you. There are plenty of reasons why you should link out. There’s a huge karma here too.

Take your very own Google for example. Doesn’t it link out to – EVERYBODY? It still has the number one Alexa Rank. Why? Because people actually trust Google to know it all, have all solutions to their problems! Yep, linking out will help your audience. So they’ll keep coming back for more help.

Plus, that’s how you grow a community. And a community helps get you some links too! And thus, the juice and karma flow back to you. So, do not stop linking out to:

  • Pages with better juice; build a great neighbourhood
  • Pages that will help your audience find a related solution
  • Sites you visit often, contribute to, have a great relationship with
  • Sites that will build on to your existing authority

Link juice flow is definitely a delicate and complex field. You should be careful of juice leaks and where you should spread the juice. We’ll talk about all that and more. For now, link out to your fellow community members. Build a trustable community that will link back to you as well! And make good use of nofollow.

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