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YouTube is the single largest collection of digital videos on earth and as we know, unlike reading text, videos have much larger visual impact on our brains. After being acquired by Google, YouTube has grown in leaps and bounds and went on to become second most visited website, making it even larger than search engines like Yahoo and Bing. In 2011, YouTube saw growth of 25% in just 8 months to take their daily video views to 4 billion. No business can afford to ignore YouTube to be part of their marketing channel.
So if you are considering to set up a YouTube channel for your brand/company or you already have one, than we are right next to you as a helping hand in attracting visitors by providing SEO tips for your YouTube channel & videos .

SEO Tips for YouTube
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First you need to know what people like about a particular channel in YouTube, so as they start viewing a channel regularly and eventually subscribe to it.

You may have a look at aspects which typically makes a user like a channel

  1. Good design of the channel page to reflect the intent of the channel’s existence.
  2. High quality, unique and regularly updated content.
  3. Quality of both, the content and video files.
  4. Playlist of similar/related videos, so that they can watch the series without the need to navigate around and click too much to find the content.
  5. They like it when they get constant subscription mails of their favorite YouTube channels.

What are top ranking factors in YouTube?


Similar to the concept of search engines, the relevance of search term to the title, description and tags of your videos, make the most prominent part of the YouTube videos ranking factor.

User Engagement

The total number of video views and the number of comments counts in user engagement factor. The factors such as number of ‘Likes’ and its ratio to ‘Dislikes’ also affect the ranking factor of the video.

Simple tips for getting SEO right in YouTube

Reputation of the publisher/channel

You may not find it true always, but most of the time, the older the publisher, the more the reputation of their channel, similar to older domains having more authority in search engines. The number of total likes and subscribers of the channels boost its reputation to a greater extent.

YouTube channel subscribers

YouTube SEO tips for channel and videos


Have YouTube channel with regularly updated content, which is original/genuine and have high quality videos, it can drastically improve authority and rankings. Regular creation / uploads of videos is necessary to keep your subscribers engaged and to attract new subscribers.


Use of relevant keywords and your brand in TitlesDescriptions and Tags is necessary for good SEO (visibility of your channel & videos). At least 12 tags are recommended by YouTube for better content filtering and visibility. Most important tags and keywords should be written first.

YouTube SEO suggestions for tags and category

Links and Subscriptions

Make people follow and subscribe your channel by providing links to channel pages and subscriptions on your channel page, website and profile pages of other social networking websites such as Facebook and Google+ to make them more viral. CNET’s channel is a fine example of displaying links to their social networking pages as well as subscriptions.

YouTube SEO recommendation for channels

Time of Upload

Maintain a time gap between the subsequent uploads of content, to avoid having a spam feel. Time gap can be minimum of 2 to 3 hours for channels having frequent video uploads in a day.


Arrange all related videos in a play-lists, of related videos, so that channel subscribers can watch videos easily.

YouTube playlist search results

Update the meta info

Fill out the whole information in the profile and channel page so that crawlers can track all important data.

User Interaction

Interaction with your followers make your videos, channel and profile genuine and more popular. In fact, reply to the comments as soon as possible.


Let people know what is your focus, so that those who have interest in that domain will follow and also refer to their friends having similar interests.

Use of audio/video/visual elements

Use captions and annotations in the videos for enhanced user interactions.

Mistakes to avoid in YouTube

  1. Don’t restrict sharing options for your videos anywhere.
  2. Don’t get disheartened if you get negative comments, they are bound to come. Do remember that both good and bad comments make up for an authentic video.
  3. Don’t fear to use competitive keywords as many of your big brand competitors’ videos may not have been optimized for those keywords.

Additional tips on optimizing YouTube channels

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