Basic SEO Steps for Optimization Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to create, publish and maintain web content which can rank higher in Search Engines Results Page (SERP).

This article is a continuation to SEO Basics – A complete Guide, where we explained how search engines help people in finding the desired information and how SEO helps you in attracting visitors to your website. Today, we briefly explain the basic seo steps that a webmaster should follow in optimizing their websites for better rankings in search engine results.

Basic SEO Steps for your Website

1. Do your keyword research

The queries which users type in a search engine are called as keywords. The length of these keywords can range from very short (one word) to very long (more than five words). Generally there is very high competition for short keywords and you can rank well for long tail keywords due to less competition. Analyze those keywords, which you think a user is looking out for service/product relating to your business might type in a search engine.

Use tools such as Google Adwords to check the keyword difficulty and competition. Finalize some important keywords matching to your niche and try to target them in your website.

Keyword targeting can be done in title, body, URL, meta description, images, anchor text and domain name. You can use separate keywords in each webpage based on the content. You can request referral websites to use those keywords as anchor text while linking to your webpages.
Read more on Keyword research

Basic SEO Steps - Use Google Adwords Tool for Keyword Research.
Use Google Adwords Tool for Keyword Research.

2. Enhance the Website Performance and Structure

Effect of website performance on SEO.
Effect of website performance on SEO.
  • Website Structure – The structure of the website (the way in which webpages are arranged and interlinked) is an important aspect for search engines to crawl it. The web crawlers generally do not crawl the whole website if they come across broken links, malware, frequently redirected content and deep website structure. These type of errors are called as Crawl Errors and if you come across any such crawl errors, you can refer to our detailed article on How to fix Crawl Errors.
  • Website Performance – The structure and the speed of the website are important factors for ranking as well. Google is now considering webpage speed as a factor for ranking because it has been observed that users abandon slow websites. Read our article on how to increase Website Performance and Speed.

3. Define the content strategy and optimize it

  • Content Strategy – The content in a website is one of the most important aspects drawing the visitors. The search engines give high priority to those websites, which regularly provides good quality and unique content to the visitors. You should strategize your content development road map such a way that, it establishes your website as a domain authority in long run.
  • Optimize the content – Apart from generating quality content, you should follow the best practices as preached by search engines to keep your content clean and easily indexable. Search engines crawl the webpages and use some of the on-page factors such as title, body, images and links to conclude its context. Read more on how to optimize the content.
  • Maintain the content – When the content in your website grows, issues like broken link, inconsistent interlinking, page depth will start creeping in. You should keep those crawl errors in check by regular tracking them and having maintenance schedule for correcting them.

4. Link Building Strategy

When you link your website with other referral websites, it is called Link building (backlinks). It is an essential part of SEO strategy and search engines analyze these links to know the authority or value of your website. Google has a metric named as PageRank (PR) in which they analyze all the aspects of a particular website and give it a score on the scale of 1 (least popular) to 10 (most popular).

Linking Building and Page Rank.
Link Building.

The PageRank increases if a website is linked with popular websites. Similarly, if your website is linked with websites having spam content, then the overall website value and authority will decrease. Therefore you have to be very careful about the websites that you link to and the websites that link you with them.

The more backlinks you get, the value of your website increases. Although, there are two types of links:

  1. Follow Link – It indicates to the search engines that a particular link is to be trusted and it has good value.
  2. No-Follow link – This type of link indicates the search engines that it is not to be trusted. Therefore, even huge numbers of no-follow links do not create a good value.

Try to build backlinks with good referral websites so that you can increase the value of your website as well as gain some traffic from those backlinks.

Refer detailed posts on acquiring links ‘Ways to collect quality backlinks‘ and ‘Backlink tips you should care about

5. Attract traffic from Social Networks

Social Networking and Social Media Websites are a great source for free access to huge crowd. Nowadays, the search engines are using social signals to identify the trust of search results and personalize those results according the user preferences. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest are all hugely popular social networks.

You can read our dedicated articles for tips on how to use social networks to spread the word about your brand, service, or product:

  1. Facebook Brand Pages
  2. Twitter SEO Tips
  3. YouTube SEO Tips
  4. Pinterest SEO Tips
  5. LinkedIn Profile Tips
Track your progress in social media through 'Track' tab
Track Social Media Traffic through SearchEnabler.

Using SearchEnabler SEO Platform, you can track traffic through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

You can also read about how to use RSS Feeds to create a stream of content from your website which people can use follow updates.

6. Measure the results and keep refining your SEO strategy

Track your keyword rankings through SearchEnabler SEO Platform.

To analyze the overall effect of all these SEO techniques, you should track your website using tools such as Google Analytics and SearchEnabler. These tools give you an exact idea about all your SEO strategies, keyword rankings and their effect on website traffic. SearchEnabler SEO Platform also notifies about various errors in your website, which might be dragging down your website rankings in SERP. By constantly observing analytics, you can measure if your content development strategy has met your estimated goals. If your projected goals have not fulfilled, you can always tinker your SEO efforts for better results.

All these six seo steps must be regularly followed by webmasters to take the best advantage through SEO and drive organic traffic through search engines and other referral and social media websites. It must be a constant part of your on-going marketing strategy.

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