SearchEnabler SEO Software – Features updates 5th July 2011

Thanks to early adopters for trying out SearchEnabler beta and providing constructive feedback.

We’ve been updating our SEO software features for the last few weeks, based on feedback received from several users. Here’s the outline of some of the feature updates rolled out on 5th Jul.

Performance and crawl enhancements

We had to spend more time on improving the performance of SearchEnabler for the first few weeks, as some of the pages (Site Links, Page Links and Dashboard) were taking quite a while to load.

Better results were achieved through several tweaks in the code, addition of cache and splitting the crawl and storage to different servers.
Now, the performance issue seems to be resolved in most of the tabs and pages, while the remaining queries will get fixed soon. We hope that everyone can now use reports without waiting longer :)
Optimal utilization of bandwidth for crawl
As bandwidth is one of the expensive resource, we wanted to keep its utilization to 70%. For the last few weeks, we are able to achieve consistent crawl rate without impacting performance of the reports.

Email reports

SEO Email Report

We’ve introduced weekly email reports providing quick summary of information in comparison to previous week.
We will start working on providing ‘mail alerts and configuration of user defined thresholds‘ very soon.

Following information is included in the report
1. Google keyword ranking
2. Website traffic
3. Keywords driving traffic
4. Optimization status
5. Webpage count for configure user as well as competitors site
6. Link count for users and competitors site

Manual keyword addition tab is now moved to first position

Manual Keyword Tab made default

Thanks to Paras (VisualWebsiteOptimizer) for pointing out this issue and recommending manual tab to be made default.
Moving manual tab as default makes it easy for users to add all the keywords in single click without going through keyword research tabs.

Bug fixes

Apart from performance and crawl optimization, we have fixed lot of bugs in July 5th release.

Auto update of URL with http:// and trailing slash was fixed as raised by few users along with other issues.
We would like to thank Greg Manset (CategoryNet France), Mahemud (CyberLinkSolution Hyderabad) and Mark Boyd ( Spain) for raising defects and helping us improve.

Feature list for coming weeks

Here’s the list of few more suggestions and features which we are currently working on. We are expecting to make them rolled out in a week or two. Meanwhile keep sending your feedback and feature requests to us.

User comments

Chris Westmeyer (TrafficFlowSEO US) recommended few feature for SearchEnabler like Goal tracking, Indexed Page with trending analysis. We are analyzing and looking forward to incorporate them.
I love what you are doing, but I am using 2 other tools that have features you are missing that would make your tool the best – Chris

Vipin Arora (LanguageAudit India) gave us couple of suggestions to improvise plan phase usability and add option to export reports.
Congratulations on creating a very innovative and useful site – Vipin

If you have any feature ideas or have come across exciting SEO feature which can be part of SearchEnabler, do leave us a feedback here.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes or statements, please mail us QuickoLabs Support or contact us via the contact page, we will get back to you immediately.

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