Scared of Infographics? : The 3s of its doom.

Let’s discover infographics top-to-bottom inside out!

Why ‘Scared’?

Firstly, I’d like to tell you that there are some people in the world who really don’t like infographics at all. It isn’t much enjoyable to read, plus it doesn’t feel personal. Well, the professional infographics are not meant to be personal, you may counter react. But the fact is, readers are persons, and they need things that talk to them personally. I’m one of those people who don’t like infographics. I don’t know – sometimes they feel like loads of colours and data just boom! – glaring out from the screen. Makes me lose all interest!

So, one is that some people find it less useful than a well-written article. (Data can be shown in an article without any glaring colours/funny pics/small text that give you a headache as you rush through it.)

Infographics are boring

Secondly, it’s SO Difficult to Create a World-Class Infographic! Yeah. That’s why you have a whole infographic market going on! You need to hire someone for this job! Someone who will deliver you a great idea with the best researched data embedded into the best possible design with the best available presentation! Did I mention you need a BRILLIANT idea to do an infographic?

edit: We have created whatfix flow to help you out on creating a infographic using Google think research insights. Try it out

Thirdly, you will sweat. A lot. When you need to get it out and about.

Here’s a list of websites you can submit your infographic to:

Pretty daunting, huh? Let’s Break.It.Down.

Do it yourself infographics


Step 1: Creation of an Idea

Get down with your team and brainstorm! List out all ideas by everyone, then pick out the best ones. Polish them and create a rough draft in your mind. You want some brainstorming tools? You got them.

Step 2: R&D – Research and Design!

Find out all the data you need according to your set ideas. Make sure the sources are reliable. Make a list of your Sources for the infographic bibliography.

Then create a design. There are many ready-to-use infographic creators on the web. You can check them out and select the one that suits you best. Here’s a few:

Step 3: Release your Infographic

Now here are some more 3s. Infographics don’t go viral themselves. Most of the Infographics you see with thousands of shares have been either handed over to very expensive Press Release and Social Media release websites, or they are something like the Oatmeal. Often something très useful requires a push. A très expensive push. But since this is a DIY space, we have dug out some not so expensive ways.

Sub-Step 1: Press Release and Social Media Release

Pricings of some Press Release services:

These are some of the sites that offer you widespread press release for your precious infographic. PR Web and PR Newswire are a little expensive if you’re a start-up or an SMB. PR Leap is definitely affordable. And PR Free is not so aptly named, but close!

Then there’s the social media release as well. You can check out the pricings of the less expensive Pitch Engine!

Don’t worry about choosing the least expensive out of these because this is the last and the only part that concerns $$. Choose one that suits you best by going through their price plans.

Sub-Step 2: Directory submission

Just like any other content on the web, infographics need to go to directories too. These will be like the yellow pages of infographics for anyone looking out for a particular niche. So you don’t want to miss out on this.

Pick out few for your Infographic campaign, out of the following, or somewhere you’ve already created a halo of trust.

Sub-Step 3: Social Networking

  • Give your readers an “Embed-it-into-your-own-site” code.
  • Put up a “Pin It” button!
  • Create a sub-campaign for social networking, with a schedule for Tweeting and Retweeting, Pinning and Repinning, Sharing on Facebook, Google, MySpace and whichever is on your social networking campaign!
  • Reach out to similar interest bloggers and contact them with your sharable infographic details.

These steps will definitely help you in winning over the infographic zombie. Show some valor and follow these steps, organize your potential and anything is achievable. Hope you all found some help. Do let us know if you need some more motivation and tips!

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