Sack a Bag Full of ‘Local Customers’- Goodies this Year!

Why Sacking a Bag Full of ‘Local Customers’
- Goodies should be The Heart of Your SEO Checklist!

Local search optimization for getting local audience

What kind of movies do you like? Hey, I’m not kidding or diverting away from the topic! But just tell me, and I’ll tell you where this is going. The Batman series? Marley and Me? Friends with Benefits? Or the spiced up Bollywood genres like Dabangg, or maybe Talaash?

Do you know what makes it tick for you? It’s how you can relate to them.

Movies can make you relate to them through emotions. How do you make people relate to you via your Marketing campaign?

Simple: Give them the EASE to reach you.

The more near you are to them, the more you will be dear. Yes, and that is why you need to get your website Geo-Optimized ASAP!

Geo-Optimization, the Grapevine

SEO grapevine of local businesses

What it is? Quite a mouthful. Geo-optimization is actually making your website go huge on a Local level. Take for example- a Bakery needs to be marketed more in its locality rather than globally. Starbucks didn’t market in India until it was launched here.

Why do you need it? So that people in your neighbourhood get to know you are there to help them with whatever services it is that you offer. Especially if you have services to offer in a certain region, your Hometown for example, making your website easy to reach in a “Your Hometown” based search becomes a must!

“80% of searchers research online before purchasing in a 10-20 mile radius.”

“Almost every local search includes Mapped Results.”

Did You Know?

The Top Five Factors that drive Google’s Local Search Algorithm are:

    #5. Social/Mobile Availability
    #4. Reviews
    #3. Online Website
    #2. Off-Site/ Off-Place Page
    #1. Place Page
Google place pages optimization

97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

When should you start it?
Right now! If you haven’t already, that is. Most people start geo-optimization even before they do it on a global front. It’s because it has so many advantages – it spreads like grapevine!

How do you do it?

  • Find out your local audience and their interests! Where do they generally gather for online social networking? Do they like your Cappuccino more than an Espresso? Do they like glazed fruit cakes more than thick-icing covered cakes?
  • Interact with them and spread love back and forth! Spread news of your business in a personalized layman way.
  • By making your content more specific locally. For example, blog your online website for your Bakery and post articles like, “Biscotti’s and tea on the New menu, at Greater Kailash, New Delhi”!
    Attractive to anyone doing a ‘New Delhi’ based search.
  • Follow the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Geo-Optimization.

It is definitely a grapevine, and you need to just get the word out in different spheres of offline and online marketing to get it going! You’ll read in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Geo-Optimization the How Tos of doing this. Plus, you’ll learn how it all loops back to your backlink building campaign!

Let the grapevine begin and boost your business!

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