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What is Pinterest all about?

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These days you may be listening a lot about Pinterest – a social network where you can ‘Pin’ your ‘Interests’. Here you can post images (known as ‘Pins’) on ‘Boards’ and similar to any other social network, people can follow you and like your Pins. Alternatively, there is an option to follow Boards and re-pin the images while you can also allow other users to contribute pins to your Boards. We have collected Pinterest SEO tips for your business to use it effectively.

Pinterest Growth Facts

Pinterest was featured in 'The 50 Best Websites of 2011' by Time Magazine

Started in march 2010, it was listed in the ‘The 50 Best Websites of 2011‘ by Time Magazine. Pinterest has registered an explosive growth rate of 40x since last 6 months even though it is still in ‘invite-only’ mode. 59% of the users in Pinterest are women and most of them are in the age group of 25-44 years.

How can you use Pinterest to increase brand presence and following?

Pinterest followers are the near future potential buyer’s,
who are creating their online wishlists and bookmarking the products that they want to buy.

As Pinterest is being advertised as a place to find and collect beautiful images, it is mostly being used for pinning infographics, fashion products, creative photography, physical products and designs.

Infographics & Cartoons – Blogs like us related to a field which has a lot of importance to stats and trends, Infographics is one of the best way to display information in a very beautiful way. Everybody likes cartoons as they add a humorous angle to the subject.

e-Commerce – Online stores can showcase their products into related Boards and people can follow them.

Fashion products – Supposedly, 97% of all Pinterest fans on Facebook are women and they love fashion. Fashion brands are actively using Pinterest to showcase their products and increase their fan base.

Web design – Web and UI designers can showcase and sell their designs.

Pinterest UI

The design and UI of Pinterest is very beautiful yet simple in itself. Below the top bar, all the boards and pins are arranged in magazine style UI.


1. Profile – Your Pinterest profile displays your Bio, Pins, Boards, Likes, Activity, Following and Followers. You can write about yourself and your interests in the Bio. The profile page also shows links to your Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts along with your location.

2. Pins – You can Pin images or videos onto Boards. Pins can either be added from a URL or uploaded from your device.

3. Boards – These are like virtual pin boards where you can pin images and videos. You can give them a name, place them under relevant category and describe something about them.

4. Gifts – This is a separate category where products can be sold or bought. There is a price banner displayed on top of pins in this category.

7 Steps to Pinterest SEO

1. Create a Pinterest account for your brand
Pinterest SEO for user profile. It has options for dofollow links to website URL, Facebook account, Twitter account and RSS link

We suppose you already have a Pinterest account, as we mentioned earlier, it is still in ‘invite-only’ mode. You can request someone to invite you to Pinterest, give your brand name and fill the description about your company which should also contain related keywords.

Pinterest is in 'invite only' mode as of now

2. Start using images in your website

Some of the websites might not be using images, but with the arrival of Pinterest, you must start using images. If your field doesn’t have much to do with images, you can still find creative ways to use them such as product images, cartoons and infographics.

3. Connect your Pinterest account with your existing social networks
Connecting Pinterest with Facebook and Twitter

A lot of brands are pointing their Facebook followers towards Pinterest and encouraging them to use it. There is an option to connect your Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter so that your friends and followers from those social networks can instantly start following you on Pinterest.

4. Embed Pinterest in your website
Pinterest SEO tips - You can get code for embeding Pinterest buttons from the 'About' menu How to embed Pinterest Follow Me and Pin It buttons in website

Just as Facebook ‘Likes’, Pinterest has 2 buttons: ‘Follow on Pinterest’ and ‘Pin It’. Anyone can start following you on Pinterest by clicking the ‘Follow on Pinterest’ button. They can also click on ‘Pin It’ button to Pin images from your website into their Pinterest Boards.

Pinterest button types

You can embed these buttons in your website by copying a simple code from the ‘About’ menu in Pinterest and pasting them in your blogs.

5. Create multiple Boards and name them well
Add multiple Boards in Pinterest

Let’s say, you sell mobile phones, laptops and accessories then you can create separate boards for those categories and pin your images accordingly. It makes easy for users so that they can follow only those boards which are interesting to them. The name of the Board becomes the h1 tag of the board page, so use relevant keywords in it and you can nab some traffic from search results.

6. Name and describe your Pins well

The filename of image, name of the pin and description of the pin must be relevant to the subject. These things are the most important part of Pinterest SEO, search engines understand these things and match it with search queries on similar topic. Note that the description becomes the alt tag for the image.

Add HashTags to Pin description in Pinterest.

You should also use HashTags à la Twitter in your Pin descriptions as Pinterest has recently allowed using them. You can HashTag some keywords that will make those terms easily get indexed in search results within Pinterest. For utilizing a HashTag you could type a # immediately in front of the desired keyword such as #RoofTopGarden. As you can observe, you can’t leave spaces between a multiple word keyword, instead you can capitalize starting letter of each word so that it can be easily readable. We know that Pinterest mainly focuses on images so these hashtags can further help users finding images or boards in searches.

7. Want to sell something on Pinterest?
Gifts category in Pinterest. How to upload a pin with a price banner in Pinterest

Wonder how some of the pins are listed in the ‘Gifts’ category along with a price banner? Simple, just include the price tag with $ or £ symbol in the description of the pin and it will be automatically pulled into gifts category.

Other Pinterest SEO Tips

1. Pin regularly – One of the most common rule of SEO is to post the content regularly, similarly pin images regularly on all of your boards so that you may keep adding more followers and keep happy existing ones as well.

2. Instead of re-pinning, bring in new content – You can’t bring much value by re-pinning already pinned images, instead you can pin entirely new content which isn’t already there on Pinterest. Remember, unique and interesting content draws huge value.

3. Follow good Pinners – Follow those pinners who can add value to your existing content and they can follow you back. If they are good enough then you can allow them to contribute to your boards.

4. Pin useful content – Only interesting and useful content gets spread fast and the followers may be interested in watching or reading about such stuff. If your content doesn’t get re-pinned or shared across other social networks then its not of much use.

5. Use good quality images and videos – People like high-res images/videos and with the advent of high resolution displays and fast broadband speed, good image quality is a must.

6. Dont spam & self promote – Spamming is most irritating thing on the web. Self promoting will only land you in a situation where your followers will decrease.

7. Mention people – Now you can mention people in Pins or comments by adding a @ in front of their Pinterest username, provided that you are following at least one of their boards.

How to mention a user in Pinterest

How to track Pinterest value to your brand?

Track your Pinterest referral traffic from referral section in Google Analytics Notice the Google Analytics data showing referral traffic counts.

We would always like to know what is the result of each step we choose and similarly, you can track referral traffic to your website through Pinterest in your Google Analytics account.

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