SearchEnabler public beta launch at Nasscom Product Launchpad

Bangalore November 8, 2011: QuickoLabs today announced public beta of SearchEnabler, on-demand SEO platform which targets start-ups, small businesses and soho segment. SearchEnabler aims to make SEO easy, affordable and measurable by providing timely alerts and SEO recommendations improving business online visibility.

SearchEnabler public beta was announced in Nasscom product launchpad event organized at Gateway hotel, Bangalore.
At the event, 10 companies showcased their products in an exclusive interactive session with the media and blogger community.

With more than 100 million websites worldwide and 10 million new domains getting registered every quarter, the need for establishing clear online identity and visibility has emerged strongly. Organic marketing channels viz, SEO, social media, blog being low cost with high returns are ideal tool for marketing, but gaps in existing offering in the market has resulted in under utilization and usage of various alternatives. SearchEnabler, an on-demand (SaaS) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) platform is now available to startups, small businesses and individuals, to boost their product’s online visibility through natural channels of search engine marketing. The intention is to bring an SEO platform with enterprise class features within reach of small businesses to maximize ROI of their online presence with low cost and targeted natural search traffic.

Co-founder Khadim Batti observes, “Over 80% of all search engine clicks are towards natural search queries and only a trivial number is directed towards paid searches. However, a whopping 85% of money is spent to promote businesses through the paid search channel. This imbalance is primarily because there are not many SEO solutions that are easy, affordable and measurable. We are here to change this situation.”

In a fast growing SEO market, SearchEnabler is positioned rather uniquely. It provides sophisticated enterprise level features such as competitor analysis, on page and off page recommendations, dashboard, multi-dimensional reporting and integrated analytics, all within the budget of SMEs. SearchEnabler is SEO on the cloud, working 24×7 performing web crawling, data collection, analysis and sending timely notifications to users. User needs to just setup configuration once, and rest of the heavy-lifting of data and analysis is done by their servers. “Our technology capability gives us competitive edge to provide accurate recommendation, keep pace with evolving search technology and ensure affordability in market dominated by traditional marketing firms”, Varakumar, the co-founder of QuickoLabs points out.

By 2015, global SEO market is likely to cross 5 billion USD, from current 2.5B USD and share of SEO software is rising rapidly. SearchEnabler aims to be one of the key players in this growing market.

SearchEnabler product launchpad presentation

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