Managing Your Social Media Campaign: A Focused Approach

So you’ve tried your luck at LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Quora, StackOverFlow, Inbound, HackerNews, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg (is the list even over?), and you do get traffic from all these sources but in 1s n 2s?

Social media marketing campaign planning

Problem: Its humanly impossible to participate everywhere – it takes a lot of time and effort to go to every site, get yourself registered, add your profile, blah, blah, and then search for questions AND answer them in more than just a paragraph!

What you need is a good list of social media sites customized (and re-customized time and again) especially for you
And after all this hard work, you get only 1-2 followers. You’d think social media sites are not worth it at all, and that you should go on with your offline marketing campaign. But what you need is a good list of social media sites customized (and re-customized time and again) especially for you.

Managing Your Social Network:

While setting up a list of social media sites for your online marketing campaign, it is necessary to keep in mind that you give sufficient time to them and to none other. You need to build trust and collect good karma.

By now you must have learnt how important online marketing is. In this era of on-the-go use of internet for finding out the nearest places to shop, eat, play and even buy cement, it is critical to adhere to your online marketing list. A dedicated marketing person should be handed over this task. Who must take charge of all the online and internal communication.

Moreover, let everyone in the company/entourage in on this list. That way you get the support of everyone and may even dig out better ideas! Plus, your people can help in spreading the word as well!

Review Your Marketing Campaign:

  • Note down the social media sites that were in your campaign till now.
  • Then, note down all the ways that you have engaged with the audience. Use your Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to find out your traffic and how it behaved with all the promotional content on these sites.
  • Social management systems like HooteSuite, Radian6, etc. will also help you with collecting all your information- posts, shares, mentions, level of engagement, customer interest, how you engaged them (audio, video, articles, pictures, infographics, Q&As, comments, testimonials), how often did you post.
  • Take note of which ways worked for you and which did not.

Review Your Content:

  • It is important that you write authentic content that does not spam or betray your audience in any form.
  • Write content that conforms to your brand/company. Nike company posting content about a restaurant would obviously be weird and so people are less likely to share.
  • Other than your promotional posts, and offers and coupons, update your audience with the latest news and any changes about your niche.
Shortlist 2-3 social media for marketing campaign and be on leadership board

Make a New Plan:

  • Be Heartless! : Strikeout every social website off your list that does not give you a steady flow of incoming audience.
  • Find out new social sites that might be helpful. Play with them and find out which ones work out. You may find out sites that don’t have an audience for your niche, but by engaging with them, it is always possible to build a followership!
  • Again remember, if the website is addictive then more people are likely to come across your promotions on these sites than on others. Watch out though, some websites are really addictive and you want people to spend time discovering your services and not to waste your time on one!
  • Include those things that already work for you, in your new plan.
  • People always wonder how many posts are enough. Vague answer: The more posts, the better. Descriptive answer: 15+ posts per month. A stack of 50+ posts already bagged for your company site are a good start to keep the traffic coming in.
  • Bring up your brand value with your posts! It is important to tell your audience how trustworthy you are.

Wrapped Up Solution

All these mentioned social sources are successful forums with millions of visitors. But it is only logical to shortlist maximum 3 or 4 out of these and to focus on them alone. Try to be on the leader board instead of jumping on to every new social website you come across. If you feel a new website is must to join for your niche, do so but then make sure to ditch an old one.

Once you are in a trustable leadership position in any of these sites, all of your answers would be on the top, thousands will follow you, and visits to your website will increase dramatically!

Make your list of social media sites for your marketing campaign according to your niche. Here are some hazy (but must-have) recommended social sites for your list, sorted according to different niches:

  1. Craftwork, Photography: Pinterest, StumbleUpon
  2. Jewellery designing, Cooking, Travel: Facebook, Pinterest
  3. Marketing: LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Inbound
  4. Software, Technology: HackerNews, StackOverFlow, LinkedIn
  5. Entertainment and Media: Digg, Reddit, Facebook

Recommended sites can only help you so far. In the end, it all depends on what works out for you, and where you create trust in your followers. What may work for SearchEnabler, may not work for other SEO products, and vice versa. This is a field you need to consistently research about for finding out your statistics on every social site and implementing (and changing once in a while) your plans accordingly.

What’s your website’s niche, and which social websites worked out for you?

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