Joining Hands aka Links With Other Social Media Sites

So we’ve counted Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Quora on our fingers. What’s next?

Well the cyber marketing world has not come to an end at that and it seems there are countless social media sites that one may use. And sure, we may be missing some that you are probably aware of, but for most part of the social media sites we’ve gone through, we have and will keep you updated on their optimum marketing use.

Let’s introduce you to another list of social media sites that can be helpful for your online marketing campaign.

1. StackOverFlow follows FINO (First In, Never Out!)
for Code-Crazy People

You can register if you want to collect karma and win valuable flair that will appear next to your name, but otherwise, it’s just free. And fast. Very, very fast.

Very similar to Quora, StackOverFlow is a Q&A site that is directed towards the Developers of our online businesses.

You have to collect reputation points to have some ‘privileges’ like chat and editing content. This happens when you acquire community trust in some domain by answering questions. So it’s fun! And a great way again, to connect with people. In this case, these people are programmers of websites similar to yours.

Hangout for code-crazy people
A site that will reward you!

reddit noun, verb
redd·it, redd·it·ing; see redditor, subreddit
noun: a type of online community where users vote on content
verb: to take part in a reddit community

2. Reddit is your cyber next door café

Now, Reddit is a very chilled-out place to engage with people online. They have topics ranging from Science and Technology to Music, Movies and Gags. Anyone and everyone hangs out here!

You can submit links to anything you find interesting on the internet for everyone’s eyes and ears in this café. Even your own posts!

Reddit place to chill out
Quirky Topics to Discuss!

Digg is the best place to find the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now. We live on a website, an iPhone app, and a daily email.

3. Digg in the Crunchiest Stories!

Digg has evolved a lot over the years. Now you can submit links that are presented in a beautiful and attractive way along with the number of Digg-ins inside the story!

Digg out the best content
Your Stories Presented on a Silver-Platter!

Hi. We’re StumbleUpon. We’ll help you discover great sites, videos and photos from around the Web. Just tell us what you’re interested in, and start Stumbling.

4. StumbleUpon Surprises!

Anyone who stumbles upon StumbleUpon is bound to fall in love with this site! All your interests are clubbed together with beautiful colours and pictures! Users can rate these websites (whose posts come up as small clips on their Home page) and even subscribe to them so that they don’t miss a thing! What’s more is people may Stumble Upon your website by surprise when they click on the “Stumble” button!

Isn’t it a fantabulously awesome way of getting traffic to your website?! Surprise them!

Stumbling your interests
All your interests clubbed together!

5. Pinterest-ing Ways to Get Love from the Audience

Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people.
- Pinterest

Similar to StumbleUpon, Pinterest lets you pin your interests as small clips! Although, we have discovered some Pinterest-ing ways for you to sell your website!

Get Pinned on Boards! Creative boards to help you organize your home-decorating ideas or event managing ideas- you get creative from here- are fun! People are definitely gonna scroll through your page for information on those things: where they can buy, price, quantity, all those things!

Pinterest DIY boards
A DIY Board

Another elegant way to sell yourself – Pin your Price on a Ribbon around your picture! When you mention the price of your product in the description before pinning, the price automatically wraps itself around your image in a ribbon!

Pinterest - Pin your prices
Pin Your Prices!

Internet is definitely improving! Moreover, marketing through all these amazing channels has become so much fun in front of the archaic boring paper-work!

Go through all these websites for your own marketing campaign.

Re(a)ddit carefully for how it can help you to Digg in for the best stories
and StumbleUpon your Pinterest(s) and hope the Stack(Doesn’t)OverFlow!   

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