LinkedIn Marketing: Using LinkedIn for Customer Acquisition

In times when private Facebook, Twitter and Goolge plus have gobbled up the entire web-industry, there is a need for a professional network to butt-in. Why? When you set up your own website about some service you provide or some product you sell or just your own meditative blog, and then think of how to market these, you definitely won’t want to market them only on a friendly-platform. It is then you will ask yourself how to sell your website to the world (and its promising potential customers) and not to your friends and family.

Using LinkedIn for professional marketing of a blog is one of the most productive ways that we have stumbled upon.

There are three things of utmost importance you should do.

#1 Build your company profile as a small inter-LinkedIn website of your own company
#2 Engage your company followers
#3 Join Q&A Groups

Your Inter-LinkedIn Marketing Company Website

Interestingly, you can actually market your whole company with another small world inside LinkedIn. A social media website already packed with the best in industry professionals, large scale industries and EVERY ONE of consequence. Influencers. An abundance of them. Stumbling by your company through the LinkedIn network.

Got your attention? First things first, claim your space! Give it your own unique URL, instead of the LinkedIn’s random messy letters.

How to Claim Your LinkedIn Company Page?

  1. Go to Companies and select option to ‘add a company‘:
  2. LinkedIn profile for marketing

  3. Add company name along with official mail id:
    Company name will be used as URL for company pages.
  4. Add linkedIn company page with official mail id

  5. Enter company descriptions, areas of expertise, location & other information:
  6. LinkedIn profile descriptions and details

  7. Setup company products, offers, services!
  8. LinkedIn company products, offers, services for marketing

  9. Thats it, your company page is ready.
  10. LinkedIn custom URL

Engage your audience / Build followers

Again, as with any other social media used as a tool for building audience, you need to keep people engaged. Find stuff they like and offer them some more on it. Sharing with your linkedIn company marketing page gets it sharing with your company members/employees and anyone who follows your page. And once they like or comment on your posts, it is shared on their friends and followers’ Home page!

  1. Regular company updates and information sharing
  2. LinkedIn audience engagement for better marketing

  3. Use Insights to track engagement
  4. Insights tracking for better marketing RoI

Attending to Your Clients and Future Prospects

LinkedIn groups for marketing

LinkedIn Groups are full of professional people constantly communicating with each other about latest trends and their own services. Joining Groups relating to your niche (or not related at all!) and participating in them actively will not only build your authority but also relationships with influencers and clients. Doing this digs out for you all people who may be interested in your services, thereby earning you future prospects!
You can start your own group and keep it active!

Once you’ve joined some “Very Active” or “Active” Groups of your liking, visit Your Groups and go to any one of them.

LinkedIn Groups participation

Start participating! Things To Do:

  • Start a Discussion
  • Start a Poll
  • Ask a question!
  • Check out the Most Popular Discussions
  • Answer a question!
  • Talk to people and help them in finding solutions.
  • Give people your solutions (services)
  • Submit a link to your article on a relating topic
  • Last but Most Important: BUILD RELATIONSHIPS
  • Spam with irrelevant links to your site

If that’s not enough, there’s another way that LinkedIn provides to reach out!

LinkedIn questions and answers

Q&As !!!

You can ask any question here and give as many answers as your heart’s desire! Browse through the different categories these questions have been put into. Provide a good answer and Earn Expertise!
This is just like Yahoo! Answers.

LinkedIn marketing answersStay Inside Tunnels!

Remember that the main target is to engage with your audience, and to reach out so that THEY in turn engage with your services! Over to you: How has LinkedIn marketing tips benefited you (or your company) and what do you do to earn traffic from this uber professional social website?

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