Link Building Mistakes That Will Kill Your Website Rankings

Common Link Building Mistakes

SEO is very important for every business and more specifically, link building tactics. It is essential to build up your backlinks naturally rather than hiring SEO companies and building links by throwing money. Here are a few common link building mistakes that most business owners and SEO professionals do which result in losing their website rankings.

Expecting results overnight

Many people make the mistake of believing that all their hard work and dedication online will pay off quickly. Unfortunately, most of the time, the Internet does not work that way. It takes time to see an upswing in traffic, and it is a moment few webmasters experience because they give up too soon.

Continue working on your website, even if you are disappointed by how little money you are making. In time, your hard work will pay off. Until then, you have to be patient.

Freaking out when you lose website rankings

Rankings change, especially when you website is relatively new to the scene. Don’t freak out at the first sign of losing rank. Most websites have had moments where they fall several places. Instead of stressing, roll up your sleeves and get to work on building more quality backlinks, producing content, or even overhauling your Search Engine Optimization strategy. In time, your site will bounce back.

Overlooking the importance of on-page optimization

Simple on-page optimization can make a huge difference in your site’s rank, but all too many people overlook these crucial techniques. Make sure your title tag draws in readers as well as search engines, and that it includes at least one or two relevant keywords. Your meta tags are important, too. Done well, these brief descriptions help sell your page and guide relevant traffic your way.

Writing only for search engines

For years, some websites got away with stuffing web copy with popular keywords. This practice, called keyword stuffing, could help websites land on the front page of a search engine, even if their content was incomprehensible to human readers. In the past couple years, Google has started cracking down on web pages stuffed with keywords. To stay at the top, you can keep search engines in mind, but you should write for humans first and foremost.

Not updating your content for months

Fresh content ranks well. Most websites that command a strong presence owe their standing, in part, to posting frequent, high-quality updates. Once you let your site go static for several months, you are likely to see it drop in rank.

Building low quality and irrelevant links

When determining rank, search engines like to endorse websites that have multiple links from relevant and reputable sources. Even a handful of excellent links would outshine the influence of thousands of low quality and irrelevant links. Invest time in establish high quality links and you are sure to see more results than purchasing poor links in bulk.

Lacking awareness about no-follow or do-follow links

When backlinking, you have to be careful about whether your links are no-follow or do-follow. You do not get credit from search engines for links that have a no-follow tag. Many high-ranking sites add the no-follow tag to links left on interactive parts of the site, like comments sections; that means you do not get a boost in rank from linking your site to a comment. Do-follow links, which are links that don’t have the no-follow tag, can be indexed. Make sure you check for these attributes when building backlinks.

Building backlinks successfully takes times, patience, and skill. Avoid these common link building mistakes to help secure your website a strong rank that lasts.

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