Rank tracking across search engines – Feature updates

Weekly Keyword Rank Trends

Keyword Ranking Trends

Track weekly keyword performance trends of your website with visually appealing graphs.

You can track trends of each individual keyword in Google, Bing and Local Search Engine of your choice.

View individual keywords and the percentage of total keywords which are driving traffic to your website. You can map traffic with keywords so that you can know which keywords are
actually beneficial and the keywords which are driving maximum amount of traffic.

Keyword Traffic summary in mail

Summaries in your inbox

Don’t miss out even if you are away from your PC, get weekly reports of your website keyword performance right in your mailbox.

Summary gives you quick glance for Google.com, Bing.com and your favorite country specific search engine.

Search engines supported for rank tracking

SearchEnabler supports rank tracking for 59 different Google local (country) specific search engines viz Google.fr, Google.co.in, Google.co.uk, Google.cn. Refer complete list of search engines

Global search engines

  • Bing.com
  • Google.com

Google local search engines

Google Argentina Google India Google Puerto Rico
Google Australia Google Indonesia Google Qatar
Google Austria Google Ireland Google Romania
Google Bahrain Google Israel Google Russian Federation
Google Belgium Google Italy Google Saudi Arabia
Google Brazil Google Japan Google Serbia
Google Bulgaria Google Korea, Republic of Google Singapore
Google Canada Google Latvia Google Slovakia
Google Chile Google Lithuania Google Slovenia
Google China Google Malaysia Google South Africa
Google Colombia Google Malta Google Spain
Google Croatia Google Mexico Google Sweden
Google Czech Republic Google Netherlands Google Switzerland
Google Denmark Google New Zealand Google Thailand
Google Estonia Google Nigeria Google Turkey
Google Finland Google Norway Google Ukraine
Google France Google Peru Google United Arab Emirates
Google Germany Google Philippines Google United Kingdom
Google Greece Google Poland Google Venezuela
Google Hong Kong Google Portugal Google Vietnam
Google Hungary

If search engine which you are looking for, is not in above list, do tell us.

Track keyword ranking with SearchEnabler. Try it free.

Keyword rank tracking
Rank tracking with traffic and trends

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