How To SEO Audit Your Website – A Walkthrough-Graphic

Google’s search algorithms now have an intuitiveness that de-values spammy backlinks. Since these came into existence, not only did many websites saw their PageRank go down, but some suffered complete wipe-off of their website from the search engine results! So for one, remove as many spammy links to your website as is cyber-spatially possible.

Before you start stomping on these bad links though, just make sure they really are causing issues to your website rather than just driving less or zero traffic to it. Also make sure that your “issues” are really due to these links and them alone! In an SEO world, you can be sure that there are myriad reasons for having a minor or a major website crash, but never be sure as to which one out of these is the real crook.

One very interesting and recent approach to get rid of spammy links is the Google Disavow. Of this, we’ve heard quite a bit recently. The most important thing is that it only works for you once you’ve removed most of the spammy links from your side. The ones that you’re unable to touch can be handed over to the Google Disavow. Google will simply disregard these links while assessing your website’s search relevance.

This is just a tiny part of everything you have to do to get your website back on top. Here’s a complete seo audit walk-through for you from our team.

How to SEO Audit Your Website - A Walkthrough-Graphic

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Hope you liked our SEO Audit Info-graphic. We at SearchEnabler would love to know how your website turned out, and how this cakewalk helped you gain better results!

What’s your Audit Check List like?

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