World Wide Web Growth

World wide web growth

Growth of domain registration - Courtesy Verisign

Internet (World Wide Web) completed 25 years of its existence in 2010. In last 25 years it reached more than 1.8 billion Internet users, Some estimates even suggest 2 billion. Nevertheless world wide web growth has surpassed Radio and Television which took 30 and 15 years to reach 60 million, just a fraction of internet users.

Internet is adding more than 100 million users every year. In the last few years internet growth has spread to developing nations from developed countries (US, Europe). Africa boasts of more than 100 million internet users, China and India constitute more than 500 million users.

Mobile and the Internet

When we are talking of such growth, Mobile technology requires a mention. Considering mobile as one of the communication media, it is growing faster than internet. Mobile penetration has outpaced internet especially in developing countries. China and India alone have more than 1 billion users where as total mobile users in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will be more than 2 billion by 2011.

Telecom industry is quickly adopting and rolling out new technologies to capitalize on this growing user base. Operators across the globe have rolled out 3G services supporting streaming media and faster internet access. New breed of smart phones led by iPhone and powered by Android have brought information to our finger tips with internet availability anytime and anywhere.

With such high penetration of Internet and availability over mobiles it can be the best marketing medium to reach audiences across geographical boundaries.

Future Growth of World Wide Web (www)

Verisign, the global registry operator for .com and .net, reported average daily query load of 52 billion which was 48% growth YoY. By 2020, Verisign is investing on its infrastructure to process 4 quadrillion (one thousand million million) queries per day, thats whopping increase by 1000 times.
Such massive investment definitely indicate that the internet will continue to grow exponentially for many more years to come !

Domain Registrations Worldwide

Verisign gives accumulated figure of 201 million domain registrations across top TLD (Top level domains) till 3rd quarter of 2010. From last couple of years, pace of domain registrations has increased to few 10s of million every year.
China (.cn), Brazil (.br) and Russia (.ru) now rank in the top 10 TLDs indicating that the internet growth is across the globe and not restricted to the traditional US and European countries.

Online Business Presence

actual domain resolution to website

Do all domains registered resolve to valid websites? Some companies conduct different tests and analysis domain name resolution to websites - Netcraft, Verisign being among them. Approximately 10-15% of the domains do not resolve to valid websites and around 20% of them resolve to only a single page. This means that most of the domains registered are either to protect identity or for future use. A healthy 65% of the domains registered resolves into valid websites, amounting to approximately 120 million websites vying for internet user attention.

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