Google: How much is too big?

First, Google’s search algorithms create such a fury. Site owners who were trying to cope up to make a place in the blogging world found out most of their techniques are either black hat tricks or something that Google doesn’t like. The big fishes in the blogging pond fished out people who were fooling them to get them to the top search results. Many got penalized even though they were innocent. Then, we hear Google Authorship trying to fetch authors themselves from their Google+ profiles/pages. Has Google grown too big to handle itself? Or does the automation seem like creating a “going-out-of-hands” effect for it?

Google Glasses

image credit The Oatmeal

Wall-E like automated living system

That’s what The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman has to say about Google. And I whole heartedly agree with him.

Products like Google Checkout, AdWords#Google Click-to-Call, Dodgeball, Health, RealEstate, even though discontinued, seem like the objects of suspect for a “Wall-E” like automated living system.

I’m not saying Google is a culprit and we should all abandon that lovely, cozy comfort of Gmail and Google Maps. That reminds me my own blog is on Blogger, so let’s give them the much awaited love and respect too. It IS Christmas time, you know.

Recently launched:

Big hit! With more than 10 Million downloads in less than 48 hours after release!

Google Maps for iOS

Incidentally, the Apple built-in maps were not much of a success and so Google replaced it. Did I convince you again how Google is the culprit? Well, don’t be. Things that don’t work or with which people are not happy need replacing. And, who better than trusted Google itself?

And about half the traffic on Google maps (not the vehicle traffic, duh) is through mobile devices – people on the go.

It’s super fast, linked up with Google+ Local for an information display, turn-by-turn navigation to any place you want to step foot on! It’s like a bad-ass-graphic game.

Upcoming from Google:

The Google Fibre –

Google fibre rolled out in Kansas city
Wall-E like automated living system

Yeah, well even I didn’t know it had a cute bunny logo until I saw their website!

Started with the Kansas City, Kansas as the first lucky draw from a selection process of over 1,100 communities, it also provides 100 times faster broadband to the Kansas City, Missouri. In line are 5 lucky first to be cities with max speed in the whole world (Google Fibre depraved world: “What are we? Some untouchable tribe?”).

Google Goggles –

Google Goggles

*Snort* Like you’d ever use them, even after reading The Oatmeal comic above. Don’t worry; no one is going to make you wear something like that ever. Google Goggles is actually an image recognition application for Android phones and iPhone.
So the next time you find something on a landscape you don’t understand or want to know more about, you can simply use the Goggles on it and voila! Google will show you information on it. So maybe in future when you go out trekking in the Amazon forests, you don’t need to watch several episodes of Man v/s Wild to find out edible plants!

Google Driverless Car –

Google's driverless car

Illustration by The Globe and Mail

I don’t know if I should be excited about a ‘Taarzan: The Wonder Car’ concept or feel upset about people losing touch with their adrenaline gush of driving a car!

In any way, you have to be responsible while driving. So a driverless car does not eliminate chances of road accidents.

I see poor chauffeurs losing their jobs. But at least SOMEONE is doing something creative! Isn’t it? Guys?

Google has definitely proven itself in every endeavour. We all trust it like we trust the Oxford Dictionary. But how big does this trust go? Big enough to make them over confident and make search engine algorithms change however and whenever they like?

Google Plus Authorship launch

image credit The Oatmeal

Why is Google+ the only social site from where you can get your Authorship and Verification marks? And why does posting on G+ give you better search rankings?

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