Getting Found Online – The Need to Gain Better Visibility Online

In the past few years, there has been an intermingling of online and offline media. With the emergence of 3G technology, smart phones and other impressive gadgets the gap is bridging between physical and web (virtual) world every passing day. Addition of social media network has increased user engagement and added to amount of time people spend online.

People spend on an average 5-6 hours per week on Internet
When a medium is relatively new, it is a common tendency for most people to believe what they are told by other people. This is because new mass media channels are looked up to as reliable sources for credible information. For instance people initially responded positively to unknown Twitter handles because the world of Twitter was relatively less pervaded in comparison to Facebook or any other social networking site.

Keeping this trend in mind, businesses need to understand the importance that search engines, social media and the Internet in general are gaining in the eyes of most modern consumers. The most naive and impatient ones believe that what they find on the top of the list of the results page on Google is the most relevant answer to their query and they seldom check the results listing on further pages.

Organic search result visibility of rank 1 which is near 100% falls down to just around 20% for rank 10 and
diminishes quickly for results 11 to 20 on page 2.

If you are not on Google page one, than no one is seeing you

Search is getting more integrated

Owing to the impatient nature of the consumer, search engines are now integrated into the address bars of most browsers. A user need not type out the address of a search engine first. He can directly enter a query in the address bar to find what he is looking for.
Address bar integration with search is also increasing user reliance on search to navigate even to known sites. For instance if user adds ‘SearchEnabler’ in address bar without tld (.com/.org etc), he gets search result listing for SearchEnabler as a keyword. If some other brand comes in top result with interesting title and meta description, SearchEnabler might loose traffic and high possibility of loosing potential customers too.

Business cannot afford not ranking for their major brands
  • Every second, there are more than 25000 queries on Google
  • More than 30 percent (1/3rd) queries are related to products and services

The Offline to Online Exodus

The internet is becoming a wide and uncontested source for carrying out a host of banal, day to day activities. Ticket bookings, check-ins, and payment of bills, finding directions, buying and selling – practically anything is possible at the click of a mouse button today.
E commerce websites and businesses online have given consumers so many options and convenient modes of payment that a whole new era of consumer behavior and thought patterns has started emerging. The online consumer much like the one offline is smart and engages in research before purchasing anything online.

What Precedes an Online Purchase Decision?

Prior to purchasing a product online, most users will carry out research on the product/service features, price comparisons and verify reviews. This pattern has also given rise to category of successful online business which , specialize in reviews and price comparisons.
Many users even do a thorough review and cross checks to verify all their findings about a product before making a purchase decision.
This involves posting questions on relevant online forums, groups and interacting with friends on social networking websites through status updates or tweets. In such an environment, it is essential for businesses to carry out online brand building exercises and user engagement.
[This would mean that getting found online within the top 10 listings of the search engines result page, organically and having user engagement across different online channels (viz Youtube, facebook, twitter, yelp, burrp, quora).]

Brand Recall

Even if a consumer does not wish to purchase your product, plain old top-of-the-mind recall is assured with strong online visibility. Not to mention, the brand association for your product will be strong and the purchase consideration will improve in the mind of the consumer once you figure out your strategy for getting found online.

For any business – be it small or large, getting found online has become essential purely because having good online visibility will translate directly or indirectly into increase in sales and brand building.

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