QuickoLabs Named Amongst Emerging Technology Companies of India

QuickoLabs, a startup based out of Bangalore was named amongst India’s “25 Most Promising Emerging Technology Companies”, by Silicon India in their technology magazine “The Smart Techie”. SmartTechie, publishes the coveted top 25 list of most promising ‘emerging technology companies’ annually short-listed by distinguished panel comprising of accomplished Indian CEOs and CIOs of public companies, VCs, analysts, founders of other VC funded companies including the SmartTechie editorial board.

As per SmartTechie, The “Top 25 Emerging Technology Companies” merit roll not only represents the continuing rise and glory of Indian entrepreneurship in high-tech but also recognizes companies impacting the market place”.
Besides QuickoLabs, Pubmatic, OrangeScape, iYogi also featured among promising technology firms.

SmartTechie mentions SearchEnabler as revolutionizing search engine optimization technology which can help improve visibility of startups and small businesses which generally lacks in getting required promotion and exposure for their products.

SearchEnabler is also mentioned re-defining SEO market by bringing affordable enterprise class SEO solution to SMB’s with utilizing latest technologies in area of cloud computing for large scale data handling and analysis.

SearchEnabler named among emerging technology companies of India 2011

Silicon India Smart Techie Article on SearchEnabler

About The SmartTechie

The SmartTechie magazine aims at empowering technology leaders for tomorrow. Its mission is to update its readers on the latest developments in technology and how these developments will impact them. The magazine aims to capture insights from the experiences of senior technology professionals and experts from across the globe.

The magazine gets published in Bangalore and reaches out to about 1 lac experienced technology professionals in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune & Delhi.

About QuickoLabs

QuickoLabs Bangalore based startup founded in mid 2010, provides SaaS based SEO platform to help businesses, marketers and startup’s seeking to improve online visibility.

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