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Google Chrome’s Address Bar is called Omnibox!
Google Chrome’s Address Bar is called Omnibox

With Chrome, you do not have to always go to www.google.com to type in a search query. Instead, you can write your search query directly onto the browser’s address bar and it opens up the search engine results!

Google Chrome’s Address Bar for direct queries

I did not know how to draft a technical “Did You Know” article without making it a post on facts and numbers. Those are for the infographics. For me, I will play safe on my blogging ground. For that I needed the very much loved “Did You Know”s like they appear in a Reader’s Digest book.

Of course, my pages may be a little old and crumpled now. Yet I have strived over these pieces and grabbed them out from the darkest corners of the techie closet.

These may seem a little too obvious to some of you, but to others, they may be breaking news. I know quite a bunch of people who don’t know these things.

Here’s one:

Did you know? There is a whole website dedicated to Black Hat Techniques, named BlackHatWorld!?

First, the term ‘Black Hat Techniques’ might be new. Businesses and even personal website owners are familiar with it. Let’s put this quickly, Black Hat techniques is villainy – manipulating search engines for higher search relevancy. Google penalizes these people.

Yet, you can possibly buy Facebook accounts having 2k, 3k, 5k friends! ~Looks more to me like buying friends/people you can force your content on. You can buy backlinks and even a ready-made high ranking Website!

It’s shocking to see this run by thousands of tricksters trying to help each other with black hat tricks over the forum! I even saw one named Larry Page, who was interested in buying a high PR website. *snort*. Who knows maybe it is Larry Page trying to pull off some private joke.

Search engine algorithms supposedly punish the tiniest of black hattery if found on a website, what about clearing this black hat hub??

Interesting (off-topic) fun fact #1:

“Johnny Depp has played guitar for Marilyn Manson, Oasis and Aerosmith!”

Here’s another!

Did you know? Dictionary.com installs 159 third-party cookies on your computer to track your habits, every time you visit it!?

“Dictionary.com is the world’s largest and most authoritative online dictionary.” As if you need an introduction. As a result of the on-the-go, always-available online Oxford, lesser and lesser people buy dictionaries (the ones on pages with printed ink, remember?). Its close relative Thesaurus.com is definitely one that most writers keep open up on a browser tab. It has weirdly accurate senses about words and articles you’d like, or would search for.

Where do think it grabs that sixth sense? Anyone for cookies? :)

No? Ok, read another fun fact:

An artist in Mexico created a series of underwater sculptures that double as art and artificial reefs
Underwater art by mexico artist
Did You Know? Kaspersky Lab found a ‘Flame’ virus created by US and Israel aimed as cyber-attack on Iran.

And this happened earlier this month! Reading about it was just ridiculous, what with cyber weapons being cited. After a World War II, there isn’t going to be World War III as hypothised, people, but a Cyber War I.

Who’s game?

Here’s how it’s played: “A recent New York Times investigation has suggested that President Obama, in cooperation with the Israelis, has consistently ordered sophisticated cyber attacks on the computer systems that run Iran’s main nuclear enrichment facilities.”

“The most successful female sniper in history, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, couldn’t pull the trigger on her first kill, until she saw a German shoot a young Russian soldier. She went on to record 309 confirmed kills in World War Two!”

Did You Know? A middle-aged man playing a trombone with a go-pro camera fitted on the end featured a video that got 7,00,000 views!

The fitted camera at the end of his trombone gives the video a hilarious effect of a bobbing head. I will definitely share the video with you!

So now you know how to get viral with your content? Follow this trombone man.

“There are no current statistics on religion in Tanzania. Home to many faiths, its census hasn’t asked about religion since 1967 in order to avoid fights over which was the biggest.”

Let’s do one last and innovative DYK now.

Did You Know? There is a rocking chair created just to recharge iPhone/iPad battery, called iRock!
rocking chair created just to recharge iPhone/iPad battery

Go figure! MICASA Lab, Zurich has come up with this innovative idea that claims to keep an iPhone charged up through regular rocking. Have super energetic kids? Let their energy help you save time to recharge your iPhone batteries.

This brilliant piece of art features a docking stand on the armrest and speakers in the back rest!

“If you use iRock for 60 minutes you can recharge an iPad 3 to 35%,” is what they themselves have to say! You can grab one for $1300 and opt any out of 5 different colours – of rocking chairs, hell yeah!

“Humpback whales form lifelong friendships and reunite with their pals every year!”

I hope you all enjoyed the eccentric DYKs, and have found out something you did not know!

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