Squish Out Some “Link” Juice: Part III

Checking and Fixing Broken Links / Juice Leaks

Squishing out link juice and its astonishing results always gets us in the mood to celebrate. You should, once you’ve checked all the link leaks. Yep, in the IIIrd part of our Juicy series, we will talk about checking and fixing any juice leaks!
Link Juice series Part I – Introduction to Link Juice and II – Spreading the Link Juice

preserving backlink juice for important pages

Yes, your full glass (or half-but-very-beneficial glass) of link juice might just have some leaks! Are you spending too much effort on earning links? Where are you wasting your link power? Can you avoid leaking out? All this and more. Read on.

Don’t Waste Energy on Earning Links

This seems like the crappiest suggestion in SEO history that you’ll ever read – doing less hard work on earning links. I’m not saying don’t have the perfect “link earning”/”link juice” plan. A perfectly executed hard-worked-on plan definitely has its perks.

All I’m saying is just don’t spend your energy on something like this:

Avoid bad linking, you will loose trust

That takes potential customers to something like this:

Bad linking example with false informationDo not link to pages with false information

Looking at the Sponsored ad, even a person with no fashion sense or someone totally uninterested in buying those babies can tell how exorbitant the dresses are in comparison to the prices mentioned! You’ll think wow, what an offer, and you mindlessly click on this Sponsored ad. Guess what, it shows all the trashy dresses (not to mention the price glitch) you wouldn’t wanna be caught dead in!

Always tell the truth. Concentrate all your energies on your real content rather than on the selling part. Good content will sell itself. Which, in this case, could have been the exact dresses shown in the ad on sale at the quoted prices! Customers would worship you then.

While grabbing brilliant links to your website, channel your energy on fixing any broken links or pages!

Leaks Occur Due to Continuous Changes

Yep, we’re talking about lost old pages, deleted pages, and broken links of all sorts. People keep refining their websites all the time, like you do too. In those situations, your hard earned links might just get dislocated, or buried forever. How do you work up to that?

Simple. Direct those leaky ends back inside to the right pages! Redirect them.

To be sure, back up your juice leak fix plan with a 404. Instead of an ugly looking page that will take your readers out of your website, build a dashing 404 page for your website!

We’ve already discussed the internal link juice flow in the second part of our juicy series. And we promised we’ll tell you where you shouldn’t let all the internal juice flow. So here it is. You could be having a juicy flow towards your Contact pages, or About Me pages instead of your actual Product page. For checking and fixing them, read how Robert Enriquez advises where to use nofollow.

Checking Broken Links and Fixing Them:

Sometime during your link earning campaign, you must look up your broken links. SearchEnabler is a great tool to check all your broken links. Just go to Crawl Analysis:

Website crawl analysis to identify broken links

Here you will be able to see how many Broken Links your website has. Currently our website shows total 6 broken links, with 4 new broken links found.

SearchEnabler will also catch for you those pages from where your juice might be leaking! Click on the ‘Having Broken Links’ or on the ‘Broken’ tab at top.

Broken link details via SearchEnabler SEO software

Here, you’ll be able to see the broken links on your own pages. When you click on any of the broken links under “Webpage”, you’ll know which pages have broken links.

So suppose the first link is your author page, and it has a broken link. You don’t have to manually search for the broken link. Come back to SearchEnabler, and click on the “1 Broken Link” in front of the first Webpage.

Broken link URL identification with SearchEnabler

The broken link on your webpage will pop out. If you try to go to this link, it will show an error page:

page does not exist error for broken links

Now that you know which page has a broken link and which link is broken on the page, edit that page and put the correct URL. If you can’t find the correct URL, remove it altogether.

Edit: We have created interactive guide using Whatfix, to provide step by step instructions inside SearchEnabler app.

whatfix flow to check broken links using SearchEnabler

For external/internal links to your website, that might be broken:

Go to Link Analysis > Linking Invalid Pages:

Identify missing link juice

If you find any links here, fix them:

For Internal Broken Links

Meaning links from one page to another page on your own website, you can simply edit the link on your page to the correct URL.

For External Broken Links

Meaning links to a page on your website from another website, you must redirect. Check your URL (which is now broken) on their website, and redirect it to the correct URL. Read the Use of Redirects for the explanation. Then, start the redirection work: Set up redirects in the correct way.

Anything that you try to build, whether it is a house or ranking-juice jar for your webpage, will have to be maintained for cracks and leaks. Keep your website fixed just like your own house. Take it to soaring heights rather than letting it tumbling down.

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