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Incidentally, I once read somewhere that starting building up traffic for your site is slow and boring. The idea is totally the opposite!

Is participating in forums, blogs and social media websites slow and boring, I ask you? For one, whatever you’re doing professionally is something that you love. So your website on something you love is definitely a candy. So how can talking about it in ANY manner be tedious?

Two, once you develop a good online relationship with your influencer’s and readers by constantly commenting and replying, likes/comments/shares etc. are gonna keep on raining! NOT slow at all, isn’t it?

Starting building up traffic for my own website personally has been an adventure. I met people with the same interest and I learned a lot from them as much as I gave some of my knowledge to them. Internet is fast! People are online all the time from their mobiles, notes, laptops, PCs and once you start building backlinks (refer to our last post about getting quality backlinks), you will find yourself addicted to it. Not only does it lead to a good traffic wave to your website, but also more learning and improvements to your own website/work, apart from creating a great author rank for yourself!

Well, I guess building backlinks can be sometimes surprisingly boring. Guess when that is? – When people PAY for them. So it just won’t do to indulge in ‘blackhattery’; use the 7 ways to acquire quality links. What’s more, we have some great backlink tips here to improvise on these ways!

1. Good Anchor Text!

Backlink Tips: Defining good anchor text in backlinks

The code above has a title text “Backlink basics”, and title texts are not anchor texts. When you hover over this link, you will be able to see the title text – a description as to what the link is about. Although, according to most bloggers this text is insignificant in SEO techniques as Google does not use it in its search algorithms.

The anchor text here, though, “What are Backlinks”, will be the keyword. This text is shown in your post highlighted as a hyperlink to your website ( in the above case). Concentrate on this anchor text and put in the relating keyword so as to get maximum hits.

Many a times you see a hyperlink with the anchor text “Click Here”, which would be utterly wasting a useful SEO technique to your advantage. Furthermore, people usually don’t find such links useful or meaningful, but rather are more inclined towards one whose anchor text is descriptive in itself.

2. Similar Content!

Acquire backlinks from sites in similar niche

If you have a site on say, home décor, you would do well not to have a backlink to it on a totally offbeat website on car engines, for example.

Choose related websites that will add to your own. That way, when people see your home décor website linked in a say, furniture selling website, they are sure to click on your link so that they can get ideas on how they will place it about their rooms once they buy it.

regular backlink audits

3. Conduct Regular Audits!

Quality matters and for maintaining quality, you need to set up regular audits for all backlinks to your site. Is your site’s traffic graph crashing down? Some old forgotten links may have gone sour, and you should remove as many of these backlinks as possible. Other bad links to check out for may be low quality links, artificial links or spammy links.

4. Link Depth!

Shallow links are the ones that direct to your website’s home page or much broader category pages, while deep links are some specific article/post on your website. Many links directing to your home page may sound a little suspicious to Google. Backlinks that go deep are more naturally built links generated when people actually like something on your site. These, Google definitely likes!

    So keep in mind to have – more deep links than shallow links.
Link Depth - Above the fold links

5. Link Above the Fold!

A webpage comprises of different segments – header, main content, navigation bar, ads, footer, blah blah blah – you all know that, so let’s skip the lecture and move on to placing your backlinks in the most desirable position amongst these.

When people open a website, they are more focused on the starting contents than they are as they scroll down (just like in a newspaper)! Take a hint.

6. Authority Matters!

Build relationship with your readers! Once people start recognizing you in your field, your author rank will go up. No need to mention that a high author rank is good for you and also your backlink count. Use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, and don’t forget Google+ to increase your authority. Try uploading a good picture of yourself, so people can gain trust in you.

7.Try to Go Viral!

Use attractive infographics on your website– signs, maps, pie charts, bar graphs, pictures – to communicate your message precisely. Infographics do not go viral themselves though, and you can take care of that by starting a DIY infographic campaign – easy steps to go viral with infographics.

Use good fonts, shorter optimized URLs, most-searched-for keywords in topics, and numbered lists for putting up an easy to read and otherwise lengthy subject. Good content is always rewarded with more traffic.

Keep the reader in mind, hit the targeted audience right in the bull’s eye, and keep improving your viral techniques by what you learn over time.

We hope that some if not most of these tips will help you gaining better quality backlinks. These backlink tips are endless and what works for you might not work for someone else. If you have any backlinking tips that worked for you and you want to share, do add your precious comment.

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