Backlink Building: What you Should NOT Do!

You’ve heard of SEO Don’ts like Cloaking, Duplicate Content, Robots writing your site, Unrelated Keyword Use, Hiding Text, Title Stacking, Distributing Virus/Trojans/Malware along with products, among many others. What about the BACKLINKING DON’Ts? Backlinking tricks that people don’t like.

Don'ts for building backlinks

This has been going on in our heads during our articles about Backlink Building techniques and every social media we dished out for the purpose of building backlinks/fan following. So here’s the final verdict. While going on about your Backlink Building Campaign, you should NOT:

Creating doorway pages for link building

Create Doorway Pages that redirect to your Website!

Ah, what a clumsy way of fooling your audience! People are going to curse your website for being in their way to organic search result.

Doorway pages (a.k.a. Gateway Pages) are pages that spam the search engine index. People land on them with single keyword search and are then redirected to an entirely different page (fooling Google on the way). For example, the ‘Mercedes’, ‘Audi’, ‘Ferrari’ and ‘Jaguar’ doorways will be pages that have only a small amount of content. All these pages may be leading you to a single portal ‘Cars for Sale’, which may not be what you had in mind.

Link exchanging

Exchange Links

This is what people do on blog directories and similar forums – “I’ve followed your blog, you follow mine.” Why? Why should anyone follow or like your blog just because you did that for them? That also means you might not be a quality link for them.

Exchanging links used to be huge for getting quality links during the earlier years of SEO when a traveler would follow a Travel blog for guidance or because he found something interesting there. That was definitely a quality backlink for the Travel blog because the traveler would be involved with the blog (commenting/asking/replying – the usual communication that normal people do in their day-to-day lives).

Now if the traveler decides to write his own blog after going on a hike to the Himalayas and the Travel blog finds out his stuff interesting, they may follow him. That is a quality link exchange – Which has now been exploited by newbies in the blogger world.

Earlier, we talked about Bad Neighbourhood. Exchanging links with just about anyone will create a bad neighbourhood for your website and will definitely, as stated earlier, lower your PageRank.

Use Paid Link Exchange Programs / Automated Link Building

Use Paid Link Exchange Programs / Automated Link Building

These are the worst! Yes, you’ll see a big jump in your traffic. Eventually though, you’re only paying to lower your PageRank. Congratulations! You’re on your way to getting penalized by Google.

There are some SEO tools also available in the market that will do this for you. Just so you know which ones to not select.


Forget Social Media

Even though your offline advertisements are going on great and giving you the targeted results set for the financial quarter, don’t skip social media sites from your marketing campaign. Not only do people get attracted towards a brand from social sites (what their friends prefer), but it also leverages your search ranking.

To optimize your social media activity, go through the various quick guides.

Ignoring audience/followers & not identifying influencers

Forget to Fish out your Audience!

Setting up link baits is a good thing. Create stuff that is bound to get viral due to an emotion response associated with it – relation to a memory, laughter, or tears. If you think a quote or a photo you created sparks such interest, make sure to provide buttons (/links/code) to like it, pin it, share it or tweet it.

Quantity focus & ignoring quality

Focus on Quantity

We have been insistently going on about Quality Backlinks, as these (even if few) are more helpful to your search rankings than thousands of unrelated backlinks.

spamming forums

Leave Spammy Comments on blogs/forums

Again, we’d emphasize on the righteousness of commenting on forums/other blogs for backlinks. You need not spam with unnecessary links to your site. This could ban you from these sites and lower your reputation as an author. Looping back to poor ranking.

spamming websites of followers

Spam Site Owners who Link Back to You

In case your backlinks are tagged with poor anchor text (“Click Here”, etc.), you could ask the site owner nicely to tag it with a proper one. Spamming them with automated mails or using the same template for everyone is not a good idea.

Ignoring press releases

Forget Press Release

It’s a good idea to hook up with them for republishing your content along with rich keywords and of course, links to your website!

Have you heard about…

  • Backlink Bombing? –interlinking multiple (unrelated) websites on the same IP
  • Link Farming? –“On the World Wide Web, a link farm is any group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group.” – Wikipedia
  • Reciprocal Linking? –“A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic.” – Wikipedia

Again, these are the things you should keep par with in your marketing campaign. It does not take long, however, to find more black-hat tricks to grow traffic. And soon there will be even more of them to be added to this list.
Google algorithms are also continuously changing with effects to developments in Black-Hat techniques. So take care of your website. It isn’t easy, but benefits are sweeter.

Ask yourself before making your backlink campaign: Why do you need more traffic? -So that you can monetize better from your blog, or so that your products are promoted, or so that your brand is promoted? If these are the answers you look for, then it is obvious that you need quality backlinks (crude: fans) – fans who will be genuinely interested in your product/services/website and will interact with it. In case you’re earning from your blog, these fans are the only ones who may be interested in those optimized ads on your site.

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