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About: Chhavi Vatwani is a software engineer with a keen interest in researching SEO, online marketing and online tools. She also loves writing poems of which she keeps her own personal blog.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Geo-Optimization

Dear Santa, Find me some Local Audience This Year!!

If your business has an office and a website, you definitely need to Geo-Optimize your website for better results!
You know how you can bag a load of local audience for 2013? Here’s Santa’s answer on how you can bring your website to Local Optimization completeness!

1. Connect Socially with Business Pages

Google places for local businesses

Google Places for Business

This helps you state your business Location to your pages – great way to build your online Yellow Pages.

Sack a Bag Full of ‘Local Customers’- Goodies this Year!

Why Sacking a Bag Full of ‘Local Customers’
- Goodies should be The Heart of Your SEO Checklist!

Local search optimization for getting local audience

What kind of movies do you like? Hey, I’m not kidding or diverting away from the topic! But just tell me, and I’ll tell you where this is going. The Batman series? Marley and Me? Friends with Benefits? Or the spiced up Bollywood genres like Dabangg, or maybe Talaash?

Do you know what makes it tick for you? It’s how you can relate to them.

Google Search Algorithm Updates in 2012 – Infographic

With a lot of internet plagiarism going on whether intently or unknowingly, Google started rolling out search algorithms and their updates to combat what they call, ‘Black-Hat’ tricks. Whether or not your website got a Google warning, it has become necessary to keep a close eye on these updates for the future health of your website.

Worrying when and how you were hit by Google’s never ending algorithm updates? Keep a check on the big shakers of the Search Industry, and more! A brilliant infographic by E2M Solutions demonstrates these Google checkpoints.

Google: How much is too big?

First, Google’s search algorithms create such a fury. Site owners who were trying to cope up to make a place in the blogging world found out most of their techniques are either black hat tricks or something that Google doesn’t like. The big fishes in the blogging pond fished out people who were fooling them to get them to the top search results. Many got penalized even though they were innocent. Then, we hear Google Authorship trying to fetch authors themselves from their Google+ profiles/pages. Has Google grown too big to handle itself? Or does the automation seem like creating a “going-out-of-hands” effect for it?

Backlink Building: What you Should NOT Do!

You’ve heard of SEO Don’ts like Cloaking, Duplicate Content, Robots writing your site, Unrelated Keyword Use, Hiding Text, Title Stacking, Distributing Virus/Trojans/Malware along with products, among many others. What about the BACKLINKING DON’Ts? Backlinking tricks that people don’t like.

Don'ts for building backlinks

This has been going on in our heads during our articles about Backlink Building techniques and every social media we dished out for the purpose of building backlinks/fan following. So here’s the final verdict. While going on about your Backlink Building Campaign, you should NOT:

Managing Your Social Media Campaign: A Focused Approach

So you’ve tried your luck at LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Quora, StackOverFlow, Inbound, HackerNews, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg (is the list even over?), and you do get traffic from all these sources but in 1s n 2s?

Social media marketing campaign planning

Problem: Its humanly impossible to participate everywhere – it takes a lot of time and effort to go to every site, get yourself registered, add your profile, blah, blah, and then search for questions AND answer them in more than just a paragraph!

Joining Hands aka Links With Other Social Media Sites

So we’ve counted Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Quora on our fingers. What’s next?

Well the cyber marketing world has not come to an end at that and it seems there are countless social media sites that one may use. And sure, we may be missing some that you are probably aware of, but for most part of the social media sites we’ve gone through, we have and will keep you updated on their optimum marketing use.

LinkedIn Marketing: Using LinkedIn for Customer Acquisition

In times when private Facebook, Twitter and Goolge plus have gobbled up the entire web-industry, there is a need for a professional network to butt-in. Why? When you set up your own website about some service you provide or some product you sell or just your own meditative blog, and then think of how to market these, you definitely won’t want to market them only on a friendly-platform. It is then you will ask yourself how to sell your website to the world (and its promising potential customers) and not to your friends and family.

Effectively Using Google+ Social Media to Drive Traffic

How Google+ Turned From the Least Used To the #1 Marketing Strategy Using Social Media For Us

A month back, I finally started paying attention to my Google+ profile, which was of course created automatically. So it was a basic profile, with a very stupid old profile pic that was my Gmail chat picture. That was only displayed as a tiny thumbnail view in chat! So of course, I had to change it the first thing!

How To SEO Audit Your Website – A Walkthrough-Graphic

Google’s search algorithms now have an intuitiveness that de-values spammy backlinks. Since these came into existence, not only did many websites saw their PageRank go down, but some suffered complete wipe-off of their website from the search engine results! So for one, remove as many spammy links to your website as is cyber-spatially possible.