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About: Chhavi Vatwani is a software engineer with a keen interest in researching SEO, online marketing and online tools. She also loves writing poems of which she keeps her own personal blog.

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Did You Know?

Google Chrome’s Address Bar is called Omnibox!
Google Chrome’s Address Bar is called Omnibox

With Chrome, you do not have to always go to to type in a search query. Instead, you can write your search query directly onto the browser’s address bar and it opens up the search engine results!

Google Chrome’s Address Bar for direct queries

I did not know how to draft a technical “Did You Know” article without making it a post on facts and numbers. Those are for the infographics. For me, I will play safe on my blogging ground. For that I needed the very much loved “Did You Know”s like they appear in a Reader’s Digest book.

Squish Out Some “Link” Juice: Part III

Checking and Fixing Broken Links / Juice Leaks

Squishing out link juice and its astonishing results always gets us in the mood to celebrate. You should, once you’ve checked all the link leaks. Yep, in the IIIrd part of our Juicy series, we will talk about checking and fixing any juice leaks!
Link Juice series Part I – Introduction to Link Juice and II – Spreading the Link Juice

Squish Out Some “Link” Juice: Part II

Spreading the Link Juice

In our first post in the Juicy series, we talked about what Link Juice is and how it works. In this post, we’ll show you where you should send the juice and where you can get the juice from, for your website!

Squish Out Some “Link” Juice: Part I

Introduction to Link Juice

You got that right, there’s a thing called the “link juice” going viral around the web since… forever. You need to know this, if you don’t know yet. The essential juicy worth that one website transfers to another. Worth for the search engines, basically. How much could you transfer some of your juice to other websites? How to not let any of your juice go to waste?

Buckle Your Seatbelts with Competitive SEO Analysis

Competitive SEO Analysis

image by Mark Milazzo.

Ever wondered when your blog would magnify like that blog you visited the other day and got sick-green with jealousy? Your amazement over its numerous followers and page views turns to frowning over your own meager ones? Totally understandable, happens with all, doesn’t it?

You go back to your own blog and find you have great content too or even better than the other website’s content! What kind of black magic are they doing??- is what you think. Puzzled? Maybe it’s time for some “competitive” edge. That’s probably why you’re here.

White Hat V/s Black Hat V/s SEO

White Hat V/s Black Hat V/s SEO

People sometimes refer Black Hat techniques as Black Hat SEO as if it were part of Search Engine Optimization! However, let’s not categorize this is a branch of SEO, but merely an aspect, a darker side of the moon.

It is hardly talked about these days, but it has somehow evolved over the years, despite Google’s stringent algorithmic changes. Let’s dig in an example of a black hat technique and reach down to its core.

Why Buying Reviews is a Black Hat? (+More About Reviews!)

Reviews are the +1 Factor

Since the proliferation of Google Plus as the most profound way to climb the Search Ranking ladder, search algorithms have imbibed in them more Google authoritativeness of a Web Page. Google Places is definitely on the imbibed list, just like more +1s are.

Getting customer reviews on your Google Place page thus, has become all the more substantial. Every review on your Google Place page is a +1.

How YouTube Resonates to YouPopular!

YouTube keeps changing just like any other social website, and will keep changing. Over time, it has increased its power to attract everyone who has internet. What doesn’t change though is its power to make you gain some popularity for yourself!

The moment you upload your very first video, you are greeted by an email on some video optimizing tips from YouTube itself. Maybe you still do everything it said, maybe you forgot. The general Youtube SEO optimization techniques remain the same, so remind yourself from time to time, or just keep a journal. If you have an SEO consultant, introduce them to the YouTube campaign.

youtube seo for videos

The Art of Guest Posting

How to do guest posting

On your way to the Jurassic park, you might have come across the Trent-a-sourus. No? Let’s not talk in dinosaur language.

On your way to building backlinks for your website, you might have come across guest posting. My point is, guest posting is a brilliant way to get yourself some trent-a-sourus (syn. great) backlinks!

Scared of Infographics? : The 3s of its doom.

Let’s discover infographics top-to-bottom inside out!

Why ‘Scared’?

Firstly, I’d like to tell you that there are some people in the world who really don’t like infographics at all. It isn’t much enjoyable to read, plus it doesn’t feel personal. Well, the professional infographics are not meant to be personal, you may counter react. But the fact is, readers are persons, and they need things that talk to them personally. I’m one of those people who don’t like infographics. I don’t know – sometimes they feel like loads of colours and data just boom! – glaring out from the screen. Makes me lose all interest!