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About: Asif started as an enthusiast in technology and automobiles from as early as eighth grade. He is avid reader of technology and computer magazines and known as Gadget Guru among his friends.

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Recent Articles

What is Author Rank?

We know that great content comes from great authors, and we’re looking closely at ways this markup could help us highlight authors and rank search results.
– Othar Hansson
(Google Authorship Project)

If you understand SEO, you should also know about Page Rank (a metric defined by Google to analyse and identify the value of a website or webpage using link graph). Similar to Page Rank, Google has introduced a new metric called Author Rank, which Google uses to identify the authority of a blogger or web author. (Ref Google Patent on Author Rank). Google will not replace page rank with author rank, but it will use both these metrics to improve relevancy of results and promote posts of author’s with greater influence.

How We Built A Data Center With Commodity Hardware And FOSS

Who are we and what we do?

We are a startup named QuickoLabs based out of Bangalore, India. Our product SearchEnabler, is on-demand SEO software which crawls and analyzes user’s website to provide recommendations, helping them improve their website ranking in search engine results.

Our goal is to make SEO easy, affordable & measurable for start-ups and small businesses. To realize our goal, we wanted to ensure minimum cost is incurred in our operations without compromising on product capability.

Is Google Able To Detect Hacked Webpages Beyond Home Page?

In the month of May, Google did 39 changes to their search engine algorithms to improve the search results quality. The number of tweaks in a month were down from more than 50 in April to 39 in May but still, some of the tweaks are worth noticing. The first change that Google has listed in their official blog is Deeper detection of hacked pages.

Link Directories Are Being Banned By Google

News broke out in the SEO community WebmasterWorld recently that Google is banning/penalizing link directories. It was reported by some SEO professionals, that about 50% of the link directories have been de-listed by Google after a recent algorithm update. This action is believed to be manual rather than automated.

What are link directories and why is Google Penalizing them?

A web directory or link directory is an online website, which specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Many webmasters and SEO’ers submit their website URLs to hundreds of these kinds of link directories to increase backlinks pointing to their websites.

Keyword Research Basics

This article by SearchEnabler focuses on keywords, how to choose keywords wisely, and how to use them effectively for better rankings in search results.

What is a Keyword?

The query, which a user types in the search engine, is called a keyword. Keyword is one of the most important and deciding factors used by a search engine to deliver the desired web resources to the user.

Link Building Basics

We, at SearchEnabler came forward with this article on Link Building Basics to give you a better idea about why link building is considered as a necessary factor to increase the value and ranking of a webpage in search results and to show you how to accomplish this task.

What are Links?

Links or Hyperlinks are connections between webpages. Consider webpages as cities and links as highways connecting them.

Feature Updates – OnPage Analysis

We are happy to announce yet another feature update to SearchEnabler App. This minor feature update adds a small albeit a very important refinement to Onpage Analysis. It is an easier way to view crawl and content issues for a single webpage or URL.

The Content Analysis and Crawl Analysis are updated weekly as of now. If you keep updating your website constantly, you can use this new feature and click on Get Latest and Analyze Link in the onpage analysis to instantly analyze the webpage with latest content.

Redirect Code & Snippets

Previous article SEO Best Practices for using Website Redirection in the SearchEnabler blog explained about the redirection of webpages. This article gives the procedures and sample code snippets to set up website redirects in correct way. We have mentioned the procedures of redirecting webpages at server level for Microsoft IIS Web Server and Apache Web Server because these are the most used web servers in the world. Let us have a look at them.

Using Redirects – SEO Best Practices

Today, this article from SearchEnabler team explains you what is redirection of webpages and why they are used. It also puts forward some of the best practices that should be followed by webmasters when redirecting the webpages.

What is a redirect?

When a user (or a search engine) is forwarded from one URL to another, it is called a redirect. Redirection of webpages is a common thing in websites.

What is Webpage Redirect.

Web Page Optimization For Better Ranking

SearchEnabler team has compiled some of the basic web page optimization tips to help you improve your website visibility in search engines. This article elaborates the on-page factors, which we mentioned briefly under Optimize the Content in our previous article Basic SEO Steps for Optimization Strategy.