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Outlook Money, 17 Jul 2011, India’s first and top selling finance magazine published an article ‘Smart Savings’ on how next generation entrepreneurs are tapping into free and low cost technology for building better products and providing efficient services. QuickoLabs was quoted to be relying heavily on open source bringing down it costs substantially and passing its benefit to customers.

With SearchEnabler, we are trying to re-define SEO market by brining affordable SEO software platform with enterprise class features for startups, small businesses and individual website owners. Integrated SEO platform with regular audit, campaign planning, optimization recommendation and reporting which was only available through expensive enterprise solution is now made available at affordable cost with smart usage of latest open source technology.

You can find Smart Savings article by Outlook Money here
QuickoLabs usage of Open Source to cut cost and provide affordable seo software

We are able to develop complex SEO product and host it on our own cloud platform enabled with
24×7 provisioning and monitoring capability, all with just 2 members in less than 10 months.

We intend to improve the ROI of online presence for startups, SMB’s by increasing their reach to intended audience. SearchEnabler is priced at lower end to make it affordable for small businesses and early stage startups to effectively utilize SEO in an on-going basis as primary medium of marketing. All our technology initiatives are oriented to provide affordable solutions which can reach maximum audience.

Today for tech startups to be lean and quick, open source technology is a boon which helps in rapid development of products and be bootstrapped.

About Outlook Money

Launched in July 1998 “OUTLOOK MONEY” is India’s first personal finance magazine, which offers sound strategies for the lay investor, especially the growing segment of salaried middle and upper middle-class and self-employed professionals. Its message is clear and simple: ‘Invest well, borrow wisely, spend smartly’. Evidently, that message has gone down well: the magazine sold upwards of 1,00,000 copies a fortnight within a year. One of its distinguishing characteristics is that about 93 per cent of readers retain all past issues of Outlook Money.

About QuickoLabs

QuickoLabs Bangalore based startup founded in mid 2010, provides on-demand affordable SEO software for small businesses, marketers and startup’s.
QuickoLabs SearchEnabler is first on-demand search engine optimization platform launched from India, It is also one of the first few in the world to bring enterprise class search engine optimization software and analysis features to wider market.

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