7 Ways to Collect Quality Backlinks

With Google trying to hone it’s already existing strict rules and regulations, and also the search algorithms based on them, it looks like it has become a bit hard for the common man to set up a good optimized website for his business – more than the hard time we think it should be giving to spammy site owners!

Avoiding Spammy Link Building

Sweat not, because you only have to walk the path of righteousness and just add a quick SEO tip on your website here and there, and you’ll be more than relieved for the strict rules and algorithms that will keep other spammy websites at bay with your own website’s competition.

For starters, you want a high rank for your website in search engine result pages. For that you need to have good quality backlinks to your website that act as a VOTE! Now all you need to know is how to collect votes!

7 Ways to Collect Votes/Get Backlinks and Drive Traffic to your Websites

1. Making Posts:

While making any post (for e.g. a post on your Squidoo or tumblr account), just insert a link to your website/blog anywhere that you find relevant. Suppose you have a site on say, home décor, you can insert its link in a post as shown below:

Getting backlinks via posts

You can add a title text to your link as well:

Getting backlinks via posts

In this HTML code, “Backlink basics” is the title you want to give to the link (optional), “http://www.searchenabler.com/blog/what-are-backlinks/” is the address of the website, and ‘What are Backlinks’ is the anchor text. So just replace these with your own title, web address and anchor text, and use this HTML code while posting.

This code gives the following result: What are Backlinks

Also known as contextual citation strategy, that is citing the meaning of a word or giving references (just like Wikipedia does), it means that you cannot just put up this code randomly or without any significant post about it. If it is just for the sake of a backlink, it will just be counted as spammy and irrelevant.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is another new and cool Search Engine Optimization technique that you’d want to try! A range of blogs and websites offer you a chance to create your readership by “writing for them”.
One such example guest post: Quora for Marketing

So not only do you get to feature your own article on someone else’s site, but also get THEIR readership, good quality backlinks for YOUR site, and more exposure to other bloggers willing to get good articles from authoritative writers! Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

You can refer detail discussion on Guest Posting

3. Posting on Blogging Communities

Another very effective technique is submitting blog posts to blogging communities. These sites are like bloggers’ hubs! All bloggers get to communicate with each other through discussions on posts. This makes it a happy place for bloggers to help each other out!
Many blogging communities are trusted by Google, so a blog post submitted in Blog Engage or MMO Social Network, for example, will definitely earn you a backlink!!

Avoiding Spammy Link Building

4. Commenting:

Commenting to posts on other websites/blogs is also a way of advertising your website BUT be very careful with them. If you are using tools to generate automatic comments, you will find that all they end up doing is spamming the web with your link which will in fact, ruin your authority and harm your website’s ranking.

Comment your link ONLY on posts related to your website, and if you think it will benefit the readers and the author of the post – participate in the discussion; don’t just throw the link alone. Otherwise, not only will your comment be considered spammy and so get deleted, but you may also get barred from commenting on these sites forever!

So now that you know the cons of commenting carelessly, let’s move on to how exactly to comment on posts.

Blog commenting for getting referral traffic

While commenting, most sites make you fill a little form asking for your name and website along with the comment that you want to add. It is highly recommended that you give your name with a useful text describing your website (“Chhavi is writing poems”) or at least your name rather than just a vague text or Anonymous in the Name text box. It is also very important to enter the URL of your website in the form. This is because when people see your comment, clicking on your name/useful text will take them to your site.

Of course, for bloggers and WordPress users, you are already logged in with your account, so clicking on your name will simply open up your blog.

5. Participating (Actively) in Forums and Discussions

While discussing in forums, utilize your signature as an SEO technique by embedding in it a backlink. Good Q&A forums to join are Quora, StackOverFlow, LinkedIn Groups. You can identify topics / groups in forums and join them, actively follow industry experts and regularly participate in discussions.

Forum participation for link building - Quora

Edit your forum signature and add this code edited with your own website’s link and the text you want people to see:

Forum participation for link building

This will give you a signature like this:

My Poems Poems rule. I hope you enjoy them!”

Again, keep in mind that you actually participate in the forum discussions and not just spam the site, or you could get banned forever from the forum for playing blackhat tricks.

Video SEO is 53 times more likely to drive a 1st page search result than traditional SEO
- Forrester Research

6. Make videos

Done enough of writing to get backlinks? Try something new! Make a video or two and upload them on video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and your other favorite video sharing sites!

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words
– Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research

Videos are the fastest-growing web site feature. Cisco predicts by 2013 that 90% of all web traffic will be generated by video.

7. Make Good Use of Social Networks like Google+

Embed your website link into your Google+ bio and posts, participate in active as well as passive discussions with great people in your industry, and no matter how boring and irrelevant Google+ may seem to you, no matter how small your friend circle – just spend 10 minutes to effectively share your link on Google+ and build community around your business interest. You will start seeing the drastic outcome cent per cent if not abruptly. Google+ posts dominate search results above any other website!

With these points in mind, you can see a big traffic wave coming your website’s way. Our next article will show you some great tips to keep it coming!

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