10 Tips to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking website today with more than 120 million registered users. LinkedIn helps professionals and businesses to grow using their connections. The service is offered for free and sometimes free products are good enough to make your things work. LinkedIn profile is center of attention to you and your connections. So are you making the most of your LinkedIn profile? We have 10 simple tips to get you going on LinkedIn.

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1. Complete your profile, Re-arrange and claim URL

Rearrange LinkedIn profile

The most important thing about any of your online profile is your data. So it makes sense to fill out all your data in your profile. As we know, Search Engines give higher importance to the data present at the top of the page compared to other data so you may consider re-arranging your profile, which is possible in LinkedIn. Use this facility to bring the information to the top which you think is more important and needs more visibility. For instance, consider that you worked for a top MNC and you may want to make this more visible to everyone. You can arrange your profile in such a way that your work experience is placed on top of other information.

Tip to claim linkedIn profile URL

Don’t forget to claim the personal URL to your linkedIn profile, removing those ugly and confusing random letters to more pleasing profile link such as http://in.linkedin.com/in/<Yourname>.

2. Make better use of “blog/website” links

Tip to Add Blog URL in LinkedIn

If you want more clicks on your blog or website links from your profile, you can make them prettier by changing the anchor text from default ‘Blog’ to something more interesting such as ‘My Technology Blog’. As such, you can change the anchor texts of up-to 3 links in your LinkedIn profile.

3. Make friends, expand connections

LinkedIn tag-line reads “Relationships Matter”, it is clear that the most importance of the whole idea of the website is to expand connections. You should add friends by making connections with your friends, work mates, business partners, employees or employers. Join your company pages/groups and connect to 2nd degree connections and get ready to grow your career or business.

4. Track the BUZZ using “Company Buzz”

LinkedIn Company News

Look who is talking about your company on twitter and when. Company Buzz is an application in LinkedIn that allows to track what people are saying about your company or related topics on Twitter. After installing the application, you can customize the topics to view tweets, trends, and keywords a.k.a hash-tags.

5. Concentrate on key areas of profile

Some of the key areas such as your headline and summary can matter more than some of the other information in your profile so that it can get you found by other people easily. Add some keywords to various sections of your profile as stated.

6. Show off your work experience!

Tip to Show Your Work Experience in LinkedIn profile

Showing off your staggering work experience and career is not a bad thing at all. In-fact, you can vow more people to follow you by showing them your work experience information.

7. Being part of a group pays off

Joining the groups under your domain or interest heps but joining the other groups can help too! They can help you to expand connections and may get you business and lead generation in some of the most unimaginable ways too.

8. Don’t forget to link in your other social accounts

Social Media Settings

You can link in your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile by editing your profile. Both LinkedIn and Twitter gel nicely with each other with some useful integrated settings.

9. Do you know you can turn your LinkedIn profile into Resume?

Convert your LinkedIn profile to Resume

LinkedIn Resume Builder is a really good tool to turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume. We know that many of us do not update our resume periodically but we do update our linkedIn profile so it helps. They have got some really interesting bits of fields to update our resume and in various professional themes and output formats for the resume.

10. Track the Industry using LinkedIn Today.

Convert your LinkedIn profile to Resume

If you do not want to spend more time on LinkedIn but are still wanting to know about the happenings, you can subscribe through LinkedIn Today. There are many options in this feature that you can customize so that you receive only those happenings that matter you the most.
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